1. Quality Content

Nothing attracts readers more than a wonderful as well as useful content. Good content should be never out of focus as it not only enable your readers to get elite content but also improves your blog’s SEOs.

2. Theme Matters

WordPress themes and templates are very attractive and they have lots of variety in it which enables you to select and customize your blog’s theme according to your content. The various font options make the blog eye-catching. There is no doubt that the themes are great but some of them are prone to be SEO-friendly, so it is important to research and explore before implementing them.

3. Yoast SEO

Yoast’s page analysis tool is very useful to improve blog’s SEO as it provides the snapshot of a page’s SEOs friendliness. It will guide you about the content length, internal links, focus keywords, XML sitemaps, tags, density, meta descriptions, URLs, outbound links, alt attributes and many more to ensure the vital factors of the SEOs.

4. Go for Premium Packs

A little investment is never a bad idea if you want to improve your SEO. Premium SEO pack ensure the premium branding and provides SEO recommendations, SEO reports and scores, page analysis, custom permalinks, focus keywords analysis, video sitemap, mass optimization, 404 monitoring etc. which could be really effective for your site.

5. Broken Links Checker

Broken Link Checker is a SEO plugin that detect the broken links on your site, allowing you to repair or disown these links without tempering your content. It fixes all the broken links on one dashboard instead of going to each post. It detects links, images and redirects and provides email, dashboard notifications.

6. Auto Image Tags

Auto Image Tags will auto-generate clean alt attributes and image titles based on the file name. The screenshot from your site shows how the image file name automatically populates both fields. Besides, hyphens, periods and other characters are automatically removed leaving you with clean SEO-friendy tags.

7. Rel No-follow Checkbox

This WordPress plugin adds a checkbox in the insert link popup of the site’s post editor. This popup already has a check box which allows you to open links in new tab. Now whenever you are adding an external link you can easily make it no-follow by simply checking a box.

8. Media File Renamer

Optimizing images, file name, alt attributes, titles can be a tiring as well as time-consuming thing to do but media file renamer eases the task. It automatically renames media filenames depending on their image titles and when the image files are renamed, the references to it throughout the site are also updated.

9. SEO Ultimate

SEO ultimate plugin is a free and available for download from the WordPress repository. SEO Ultimate as its name suggests seems to be a complete on-page optimization plugin that comes with tons of features. It is very popular among the users.

10. Stick to the SEO Framework

It is a free SEO plugin that provides automatic SEO solution that is ideal for any your site. The plugin enables you to make enhanced SEO value for content on your website.