SEO is about ranking No1

Some SEO vendor claim to be linked with a certain search engine double check. Any agency promise to keep you on top, then it’s a scam. No one can guarantee to top you in Google ranking.

SEO is about adding Keywords

Stuffing keywords synonymously used to be the trend in the past not any more. The focus is more on the content.

Search Engine is smart but not magic

The website owners or developers think that throwing a number of URLs or a number of pages and expect the search engines to do the heavy job and magically deliver the pages to the users. This does not happen. Every page that is delivered need to be unique with valuable content the search engine will sort from millions of results on the web and will order them.

SEO is not a submission service

Submission of site to search engines, social bookmarking sites etc., will not guarantee you any positive result.

Linking to other websites is better than more content

Linking as much websites as possible to be on top will certainly add value, but there’s no need to create additional pages. Not every page gets indexed. The quality of the content is also an important factor.

Social website does not affect SEO

Social sharing acts as a marketing strategy that can boost your Search Engine Optimization efforts. Example how Google + can be spotted on Google.

Secured site is not important for SEO

In 2014 Google ad started to use ‘https’ which is a signal to show the site is secured. So it’s clear that Google wants everyone to move to a secured site.

Mega Tags don’t matter

Mega tags are the HTML tags that appear in the closing <Head> of a code, these meta tags provide search engines with information to the users , the system processes only those meta tags that is understood and the rest is ignored. The three kinds of Meta tag are:

  • The Title Tag
  • The Meta description
  • Keywords.

Title Tag which appears in the head of the web page is a necessary element but the two are optional.

Paid search improves the organic search

There is no correlation between Paid search and organic search, they two different terrains. Paid search or the sponsored links are based on bids and is a total investment rather like organic search where the results come from the index database.

Linking out to sites sends organic visitors away

We sometimes strive to get links from the authority sites like BCC, CNN to boost are searching. When the content is useful even when they click and go to another link they will come back.

In the same way when we link out to other sites Google does follow the site and provide it to trusted sites, but that will not improve your rankings in any way.

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