The business website you publish represents the new exposures for online customers. If you’re just starting to plan your new website. Here’s a simple, 6- step process you can follow to plan your website design.  They can help your business reach more customers online.

Infographic - Website designing

  1. Lay down the objective of your website and what you want to achieve through your website
  2. Planning your website based upon the target audience can increase the impact of the website several times.
  3. Make it easier for users to find information they are seeking within 3 clicks or less.
  4. Having contact forms at right place or enticing the users to contact you is vital for the website.
  5. Check out the pages effectively keeping in mind the usability as well as the visual aspect of the website.
  6. Use a  good combination of graphics, videos, text and animation to enhance the user experience and reach.

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