As soon as the time is passing by, the trends in the field of SEO are changing from time to time whether it is global SEO of your business website or an optimization of your online business for a localized area. For both these types of scenarios an SEO professional strictly need to be aware of all the latest on-page and off-page SEO trends and techniques involved in optimizing the online business of every client. If we talk about businesses which are specifically focusing within a limited geographical location, then the SEO optimization task for such a condition need special treatment so that you can drive more and more highly relevant targeted audience who are residing within that particular location.

Keeping in mind the aforementioned points, you need to research, analyze and design a robust local business optimization strategy which will help to get the online business of your client fully optimized for local audience, so that whenever any of the end user searches for a product or service related to your client’s business then that local user will find his business on top results within the search engine result page and the possibility of converting that user into satisfied customer will increase as it has been noticed that more users are likely to visit a local stores after finding them on local search results.

7 Effective Trends for Local Business Optimization

There are various trends and techniques involved in optimizing a local business, however the top 7 trends for local business optimization that are being implemented and will work in 2016 are mentioned below:

Reduced Version of Google Local Pack from 7 to 3

Google has reduced the displaying structure of Google local pack from 7 to 3, so whenever you searches for an ice cream parlor locally then instead of showing 7 ice cream parlors in map & local listing, you can only find 3 results which means that by following only few of the traditional optimization strategies for local business you will not be able to get top 3 rank on map and listing and that requires an extraordinary strategical approach covering the best SEO practices to get desired results.

CTR Come into Play for Improved Ranking

From February 2016, Google has stopped displaying paid AdWord ads from the right side of the SERP, Instead of that Google started displaying 4 Ads on top and 3 Ads at the bottom of SERP and as a result of which it becomes very difficult to get organic results on top of the page. Due to this scenario, the importance of CTR(Click Through Rate) come into existence which says your listing link will get a good ranking in 1st SERP if you achieve more CTR because Google focuses on delivering highly relevant results to users. So you need to get a good impression among users in SERP by enhancing your listing, for this you need to implement “Structured Data Markup” which will display your listing with thumbnail photo, star ratings, reviews and other important elements that may attract users to click and engage.

Optimize Well With Location Based Services

Google study reveals that proximity searches in which searcher’s location is tracked via phone location or IP has become one of the crucial local ranking factor. So it is required to optimize the location based presence of business in terms of important ranking factors named as NAP(Name, Address and Phone Number). For this always remember to list your NAP on your website, embed structured data markup, add city and state in meta title tags and always maintain a good NAP consistency across all location citations.

Responsive Websites are Trending

After the Mobilegeddon (mobile friendly) update from Google, many websites which are not fully responsive has experienced a drop in ranking as compared to fully responsive websites. As the mobile searches are now replacing the desktop searches in various part of the world, so mobile friendly websites should be considered as a major mobile marketing strategy in order to capitalize the local searches based on mobile devices that will result to the purchasing of product from the customer sooner or later.

Go Google My Business Now

Google+ has revamped its look and feel a couple of times during last one year and some of its important features are no longer supported like reviews, directions, star ratings, categories, photo uploads, maps, hours, etc. As a result of which “Google My Business” takes over the local business optimization from Google+ and you can still see these valuable information on SERP and Google maps which can easily be managed through your Google My Business dashboard. A study shows that a majority of users read online reviews and star ratings which is the number one factor for customers to identify the credibility of businesses.

Voice Search SEO Required

Due to the introduction of advanced smartphones, it has been noticed that the occurrence of voice searches on these devices has increased and during the voice search users generally use their natural language instead of normal Google search. For Ex: A user might say “Where can I find expert dentist in Delhi” as compared to a normal search with the keyword “Dentist in Delhi”. So voice search play an important role in local SEO which requires an effective content content marketing strategy with more focus on long tail keywords, informational queries, explainer videos.

Earn Good Backlinks

Getting backlinks from quality and authentic domains give boost to your local business in SERP. When you get genuine backlinks from trustworthy domains through white-hat SEO then Google also treats your business website as a trustworthy website. For this you can build quality backlinks from trustworthy citations, can contact local blogging website admins for getting backlinks via guest postings.

Hope these 7 local business optimization trends will help you to boost your SEO rankings on top of SERPs.

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