Instagram is one of the most influential social platforms for better brand visibility, improved engagement with the audience, and visual marketing. It is a customer-rich platform, which can be validated with its number of account holders. Now it is home to around 500 million daily users across the globe.

This depicts how influential Instagram is for new marketing opportunities, online reputation, traffic, leads, and sales, then never say no to Instagram. Here is a simple 7-step guide for Instagram marketing for all newbies. All you need to follow them carefully and enjoy the benefits, the Instagram offers to its audience.

Choose your targeted area:

Every day around 60 million photos are uploaded to Instagram so if you want to stand out yourself from the rest of the crowd, then you need to figure out your targeted area, and audience. You need to understand what are the things, your customers are looking for and what influences them the most on the internet. Based on your research, strategize your plan and never afraid of taking the risk of new things on Instagram.

Make your profile:

An easy step, yet important. After choosing your audience and market area, go for making a captivating and unique Instagram profile. Put the best description about yourself or your brand there. It should be precise and concise so that your audience easily get an idea about who are you, your offered services and what makes you different from your competitors.

Greet the audience with a new post per day:

Instagram needs an active participation to make your presence on it. You have to serve something new to your audience otherwise there is no reason for them to follow your page continuously. There is no hard and fast rule for the posting on Instagram every day, however, make sure. If you are new to Instagram, it is recommended to post the content that fits your brand’s identity only.

Keep a watch on hashtags and photography:

There is a simple rule existing in Instagram, the better the posts, the more the followers on Instagram. A perfect Instagram posting comprises of few basics that includes an effective framing, appropriate hashtags, attractive captions and more. Hashtags categorize the content on social platforms so do an extensive research for latest hashtags and place them in caption and comment section.

Follow your competitors:

Before you start your Instagram marketing, go through your competitive landscape. Investigate your rivals extensively and then write your content. This helps you to know what are the changes you need in strategies, what are your weak points and what are initiatives you can take for driving more traffic to your landing page. Just remember, you don’t need to copy, only analyze the things closely.

Engage more with the audience:

Instagram is a social network, and here you need to engage with your audience actively. It gives you a large space to keep them engaged, entertained and informed regarding your services and products. Nowadays, visual content has become an integral part of marketing so use them wisely and try to interact with them more.

Keep track of your work:

It’s the most crucial step in Instagram marketing as you are the only one who knows your strength and weak points better. Analyze your efforts and decide are you achieving that, you desire in the beginning. If yes, then continue your campaign with the same level of dedication, and if it’s no, then you need to correct your marketing strategies.

Wrapping up:

Follow this guide for Instagram marketing and enjoy as many benefits this platform has, for better sales and traffic on your web portals. If you are still in doubt, hire an experienced social media marketing team for better outputs.