Social media marketing is not just about sharing the content and reaching your target audience. Like all the other marketing techniques, social media involves quantifying the results and perform measurable activities.

If your social media is not generating as desired results in terms of reach as well as set goals, it might be due to multiple reason. You need to find out the factors that are hampering your social media campaign and fix them. Sometimes a small factor can results in significant variation in your social media campaign. Social media marketing people are susceptible to these mistakes often due to negligence on their part or simply due to lack of understanding of the campaign.

Here are the five social media marketing blunders you should avoid –

  1. Focusing on promotional content
    If you are posting too much promotional content, you are driving away your followers. Excessive promotional content can be a big turn off for the audience. No body is interested in content solely focusing about your product and services. Sharing rich and diverse content is always the key. Good content is appreciated and followed by all in the social media. So try sharing interesting stuff and mix it well with your company’s offering.
  2. Content Frequency
    Content frequency is vital factor in the social media. Over feeding the audience with the content or publishing the content rarely can effect your reach and followers. Ideally you should use a social media tool like hootsuite to automate the social media posting at a regular interval. Also you should identify the ideal time for sharing the content to ensure maximum reach.
  3. Handling Negative feedbacks
    Lately Social media has emerged as a feedback platform for the unsatisfied consumers. People tend to post feedbacks in anticipation of company responding them. The power of a negative feedback cannot be simply ignored. A negative feedback and undo your company’s years of good reputation. So it is imperative that you handle the negative feedback on social media promptly as well as perfectly and provide the customer with a proper resolution.
  4. Confining to a Single Platform
    Often many social media marketers commit this mistake of confining to a single platform. This impacts the overall social media campaign. If you are targeting four social media platforms you are tend to receive more reach for your campaign as compared to targeting single platform. Have presence on multiple social media platforms gives you more options in terms of content ideas and targeting large user base.
  5. Tracking the Results
    Any activity is incomplete if you are not measuring its end results. It will not only give you a clear cut idea about the campaign performance but will also help you to strategize better. There are readily developed social media tools like Quintly that can help you to measure the metrics of your social media campaign. You can also take the figures from Google analytics directly.

All the above mentioned points are critical for your social media campaign. If you will keep a close eye on these mentioned points you can be assured of your campaign’s success.