As we all know WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool which is written in Hypertext Preprocessor , previously caller the Personal Home Page or simply, the PHP .It’s the most popular, easiest and the most powerful blogging and website Content Management System in use by millions of people across the globe today. Let us try and analyse a few pointers which can be used as guidelines to launch your own Word Press Website:

1. Hosting

Choosing a hosting provider is an obvious first step towards the launch of any website. To effectively access all the features of the WordPress including e commerce and other premium features, you should look at hosting your own WordPress website. There are certain important considerations towards choosing a hosting provider such as the costs involved, wordpress friendliness and the customer service record of the hosting providers etc. A choice also has to be made between shared, VPS and Managed Hosting[bctt tweet=”Get a good hosting provider for your wordpress website launch” username=”1solutionsbiz”]

2. Registering The Domain

All good hosting providers allow you to register a custom domain for the cost of the domain, So once the hosting is purchased a custom domain for your new website can be registered from the same interface. Once the registry is done and the choice of hosting plan made, WordPress can literally be installed in just a few clicks. After the installation of WordPress on the new domain, password protection must be implemented so that no one can see your new site until you are ready for a launch.[bctt tweet=”Always register the domain name using authentic domain registrars like Godaddy or Bigrock” username=”1solutionsbiz”]

3. Choice of Theme and Designer

The next step is obviously choosing a theme for your WordPress with which will govern the overall look and feel of your site. Choice of designer is optional although quite recommended, someone who can provide professional oversight and who can help you in the branding, logo selection, colour scheme, typography etc.[bctt tweet=”Use themeforest or Elegantthemes to buy good quality wordpress themes” username=”1solutionsbiz”]

4. Creating a Launch Checklist – 

The Launch checklist, for the reason of simplicity and effective implementation should be further broken down into three separate checklists – The Pre Launch, The Launch and the Post Launch Checklists. The Pre Launch Checklist should cover topics such as removal of ‘ipsum’ texts, proofreading the site copy for grammatical errors, formatting of images and audio/video items and about the correct work flow of the links etc. The site preview in different browsers, the website functionality and SEO and Meta descriptions must also be checked. In the Launch Stage checklist the set up of new domain, data base and user in C panel, change of DNS on domain to my name servers, display issues and checking for broken links etc. In the post launch stage the checklist should have items like the plug-in relicensing, checking for URL problems or missing CPT icons, checking for SEO settings, connecting webmaster tool etc. These lists are quite exhaustive and differ from site to site, but are quite important none the less.[bctt tweet=”Create an exhaustive checklist for your website launch” username=”1solutionsbiz”]

5. Keeping Your WordPress Secure

Securing your website is of prime importance since the hackers always follow the paths that are easiest for them. They look at common flaws that are easy to exploit. There are basically two simple rules that come well recommended for the website security implementation. The first is to keep all the WordPress themes and plugins updated and the other is quite basic but equally effective not only in wordpress but throughout the secured internet, that to use strong passwords and to change those frequently, at least once every quarter. These two simple techniques will keep the website almost cent percent secure although there are other complicated procedures that can be followed for absolute foolproof security.[bctt tweet=”Install plugins like securi or allinonesecurity to make your website safe from attacks” username=”1solutionsbiz”]

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