Nowadays each and every business has invested a lot of capital and time on social media marketing for better payouts in this epoch of digital era. It makes the management of social accounts, a little tedious and complex. So, it is suggested to use free social management tool for multiple uses including, scheduling the posts on multiple platforms ahead of time, never leave a single chance for improvements, organize communication and many more. Below are some widely-used free social management tools, you can’t afford to miss:


Let’s start our journey to social media management with one of the most effective and efficient toolboxes, buffer. It is one of the user-friendly management tools that give you an access to work on multiple social profiles with ease. It can successfully schedule up to the 10 posts on Facebook, ]instagram, twitter with the help of image creator and video uploader. Its versatile nature helps every size and scale of business for easy management across social channels. It uses its browsers extension and mobile app features while browsing the web for evaluation of correct results.


A perfect all-in-one social manager for any kind of social media activity. The best part of this social management tool is the categorization of content in your media calendar. It manages social space for every content from different categories in your calendar and helps you to check your upcoming post as well as the history of previous posts. Besides scheduling the posts on multiple channels, it also keeps a close watch on your growth graph and engagement with your audience and competitors.


Nowadays, Twitter has become the most favorite platform for people to communicate with their followers with the very first tweet. There are around 200 million active Twitter accounts so, this leads to the need for an economical twitter management tool. TweetDeck is the best social platform, where you can easily customized timelines for your twitter account.  It manages your twitter list, searches, hashtags, and many more.


If you love videos, then this is the best helping aid for you to create and manage engaging videos on different social media platforms. It is a drag-and-drop interface, available in both free and paid versions. It blends the videos with eye-catching images, typography and brand layouts.

Zoho Social:

Like other social media management tools, Zoho social has a list of similar features and benefits for its users. However, it also possesses some unique features that enhance its usability that includes Facebook lead ads, advanced reporting, Browser plugins, CRM integration and many more. It is available in both free and paid versions, however, its free part allows only one brand.

Top 7 Social Media Analytics Tools

Wrapping up:

Having a consistent brand identity on the social platform has become difficult as there are billions of social accounts in the world. So use the best social management tool for dynamic functionality and improve brand visibility online.