Having a social presence and an ‘effective’ social media presence are two worlds apart. With the emergence of social media sites like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus etc businesses do try hard to make sure that they do their best to manage their social media presence effectively.

Though there are many social media management companies who assist businesses in managing their social media professionally, there are many social media tools available to help small business and individuals to manage their online presence.

The best technique to get the optimum out of social media is to reach the audience, create a channel and listen to your audience. Using the above insights, you can device an effective social media strategy and improve your social media presence.

If you are a small business or an entrepreneur, there are many free social media monitoring tools you can use to manage your social media presence. It is always a good idea to try few of these tools together and use the best matching your requirements. Please note that some of these tools are not free entirely and come up with a free trial period or limited use of features.


Website- www.Hootsuite.com

Social media tools for business


Website- www.BufferApp.com

Social media tool for free


website- www.BuzzSumo.com

social media management tools


website- www.IceRocket.com

Social media management services


website- www.HowSociable.com

Social media management tools


website- www.Keyhole.com

Social media management tools


Website- www.IFTTT.com

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website- www.Klout.com

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website- www.Addictomatic.com

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website- www.BuzzBundle.com

Social media management tools


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