You might have read such topics many times, but still you have that insatiable desire to get more visitors, business leads and ultimately generate more business. Do you really believe you have tried every trick in the pocket and got nothing? Well, ask this honestly to yourself again. Were you persist with the things? Did you really put your best efforts? If you really want to grow your website visitors, you need to dedicate very little time but on a regular basis. Performing an activity for a few days is exciting, but a few days later it becomes quite monotonous and boring. Below are few things you can try again. Neither they will take much time from your very busy schedule nor will it cost your lifetime savings. You just need to devote little time coupled with a desire of giving your best?

  • Get social– Many often people around you whom you interact with regularly or people close to you are the best channel for marketing. But that is not possible unless and until you socialize with them online. Having a regular presence on Facebook, Google+ and twitter is the easiest way out. You should also post things related to your business. You can also post things related to your business e.g. – Any new product that you are selling or any news update related to your business.
  • Shoot Emailer – You might have a list of customers with their emails that you never bothered to use. You can make a good use of it. Try free email sending websites like a male chimp to start with. You can create good HTML mailers without any prior knowledge all by yourself. Make sure you personalize the mailer so that it creates maximum impact.
  • Blog it– Never wrote a blog? Then start writing it if you want people to know you and your business. Nobody is going to sue you for expressing yourself on the web. Write something on the topic you are comfortable on which not necessarily needs to be your business. Having the blog appearing on your website is a very good idea. It tells people that you are active and engaged online to the highest level. You can share your blog post on social networking sites with your connections.
  • Tag your pics– Many businesses like related to art, jewelry, fashion, clothing, travel etc. Provides an excellent opportunity to share pics on the web. Websites like instagram, flicker and pinterest are quite popular and can help in popularizing your business like anything.

If you can keep up with these simple things, you can definitely expect your website traffic to grow as well as your business popularity to rise higher.

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