Google has announced to launch white listed third-party directory which will manage Google My Listing and also make a complaint form against the scammers and robocalls, scamming in the name of Google.

In Google My Business, the company enables businesses to add service menus to their Google my business listings. The main aim of the company is to avoid scams and robocalls. Earlier, Google has tried to stop scams, which also included filling lawsuit but eventually, moving a step ahead the company has finally decided to implement something more practical.

The directory will be a part of a new program of Google, Google My Business Partners program. The company also announced that it is going to promote the new directory to the business listed in GMB program. The non-approved third-parties will also be able to manage their GMB listings but they will not appear in the approved party’s list.

Google’s Partners Program

According to the Google, there are many businesses are strapped for time and rely on third-party agencies and platforms to help manage their online presence. Some of them move in the right direction but some get stuck in the cobweb of the scammers. With an aim to eliminate such misleading frauds and make a few improvements in the system, Google has planned to come up with its partners’ program. This will now make it easier for the agencies and partners to manage Google listings.

Google My Business Complaint Form

Google has also come up with a complaint form to reduce the risks of scams. GMB will be able to report the complaint against the violations and scams they are dealing with in this form.

“After reporting the details of violation, Google will look into the matter and will address the areas of improvement with the third-party directly”

This is what Google has said.

Violations That Can be Reported

There are eight kind of violations that can be reported in the Google complaint form. These are as follows:

  1. Third party repetitively calling or making robocalls
  2. Third party claimed your GMB listing without your permission or by wringing consent from you
  3. Third party is misrepresenting its relationship with Google
  4. Third party guaranteeing top position in Google Search or Maps
  5. Third party demanding money for getting your business listed or will make stay listed on Google
  6. Third Party engaged in unethical marketing and sales practices
  7. Third party shows transparency to clients
  8. Third party representing your business’s information in an inappropriate way on Google Maps

Google My Business Third Party Policies include transparency for management fees, the easy ending of GMB management service and other disclosures. This directory will help SMBs who have been targeted by the scammers claiming to represent Google and giving false offers of google ranking improvements. This would also stop the scammers to cheat SMBs by charging a certain fee for the services which are free on Google. The company as compared to earlier can now better identify scammers’ accounts.