Google My Business (GMB) Optimization Services

Google My Business Optimization services is an effective marketing technique to promote your business in the local search results.

When you are a local business, you need to ensure that customers from the nearby vicinity as easily able to locate you in the searches.

Our Google My Business optimization service will help you to claim your Goolge listing, update your correct NAP details and optimize it properly to make it reachable to local customers.

Google My Business Optimization

Result Driven Google My Business Optimization Service

We optimize your GMB listing for better visibility.

Google My Business optimization opens the door of opportunities for any local business looking to capture the local customers. By optimizing GMB listing, a business becomes visible in the local search results that means more inquiries and local customer visits.

Our Google My Business optimization services help a local business gain top positions in the Google 3 pack results. With optimized GMB listing and other related information like NAP, business hours, service categories, reviews, and the latest updates about your business, we ensure the customers who are searching for your service get the most out of your Google My Business listing.

A properly optimized Google My Business listing is an essential element of the overall SEO strategy for any local business. With the help of GMB listing, you can look to increase your SEO rankings as well as organic reach in the searches.

Let us help you with your GMB listing optimization while you can focus on your business.

Our Google My Business Service Packages

Optimize your Google My Business listing with our affordable packages.


  • GMB Listing Creation
  • GMB Verification
  • GMB Listing Optimization
  • Geo Tagging
  • Q&A Submission


  • GMB Listing Creation
  • GMB Verification
  • GMB Listing Optimization
  • Geo Tagging
  • Q&A Submission
  • Review Management


  • GMB Listing Creation
  • GMB Verification
  • GMB Listing Optimization
  • Geo Tagging
  • Q&A Submission
  • Review Management
  • Video Creation & Submission


  • GMB Listing Creation
  • GMB Verification
  • GMB Listing Optimization
  • Geo Tagging
  • Q&A Submission
  • Review Management
  • Video Creation & Submission
  • GMB Site Creation
  • Local Citation

Why Our GMB Optimization Services?

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Get Started With Google My Business Optimization

If you are a local business, you need to ensure your customers from the neighbourhood are able to find you online. This can be achieved through the Google My Business tool that enables you to create your online presence and appear in the organic search results without even having a website.

We offer affordable Google My Business Optimization services starting at just $99. It includes creating and claiming your business listing, optimizing it with keyword rich content and ensuring that the correct information is displayed to potential customers.

We are a reliable Google My Business optimization company with highly experienced and skilled SEO team members to provide you the best results. Connect with us today to discuss your Google My Business listing optimization and making your business visible to the local customers.

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Our GMB Optimization Process

1. Complete your business information

We ensure online users can find the information they need when they arrive on your GMB page. Your GMB profile serves as one of your primary customer touchpoints. We encourage your online users to take the desired action, whether it is to visit your storefront, make a phone call, or explore your social media channels.

A comprehensive business profile includes Company name and contact number, Location, Website link, Business category, and description, Link to Google Maps, Working hours, Q&A, Company photos, Customer reviews and ratings, Related searches, and others.

We make your brand more trustworthy by placing a local number on your Google My Business profile. It also simplifies the call process, potentially increasing your phone calls and conversions over time. It demonstrates that your business welcomes customer interaction.

We ensure your contact details and other brand information are consistent with your website content.

2. Maximize GMB call tracking features

By adding a GMB call tracking number, Google allows you to access accurate call metrics without affecting your name, address and phone number (NPA) consistency. Call tracking features to permit managing dropped calls, listening to recorded calls, assessing the quality of leads generated, and tracking call volume.

You can include your primary phone number and place two additional phone numbers under the phone number section.

We follow these simple steps to add your GMB call tracking number:

  • Add your call tracking number to the primary phone field
  • Place your main business line in the additional phone field

Using your main business line as an additional phone number ensures your primary contact number stays connected to all your other business listings across Google My Business and the Local Search Ecosystem.

You can leverage the personal-level data you acquire from GMB- oriented phone calls, such as call recordings and durations, to explore your lead and conversion opportunities. You can improve both your organic SEO and pay-per-click(PPC) marketing campaigns.

3. Write a comprehensive, engaging GMB description

GMB allows potential customers to determine whether your company provides the solutions they need. Once you’ve got your GMB listing up to speed, the next step is to fill in your business description, it is a field where you can share useful information about your brand.

Here are some guidelines we follow in writing a comprehensive business description:

  • Use 1-2 high-value keywords
  • Highlight your unique selling points (USPs)
  • Spark curiosity
  • Talk briefly about your customer approach and unique strategies
  • Utilize descriptors (i.e., personalized, trustworthy, all-inclusive, etc.) throughout the content

You need to ensure your business description effectively conveys your brand message. We make it a point to describe precisely your mission and goals, main brand offerings, and unique value propositions because GMB descriptions have a 750-character limit.


4. Upload high-resolution images

Photos improve the performance of your GMB listings. So you need to ensure that everything –from the format and image quality to alt tags– is SEO-optimized.

How to optimize images for Google My Business is a common question among marketers. Now, uploading photos on GMB entails more than selecting professional images.

The most important images on your GMB page are your brand logo and cover photo. You can also place additional photos, such as images that show your staff in action, storefront, and other features that highlight your USPs. We use the same image on your website to build customer trust and increase your brand awareness.

We ensure your uploaded images have proper keywords, have no alterations, or excessive filters, and rename each photo with a specific description.

5. Post relevant content on your GMB posts section

There is a post section to share your news updates, promote your special deals, or showcase your products and this is a fantastic way to boost your local search visibility.

There are five post types available:

❑ What’s New – This type serves as a microblog post where you can share relevant blog posts, business updates, customer reviews, or testimonials. You can choose to upload a 30-second video or GIF, up to 10 images, and every new post has a 1,500 character limit. Engage the readers and explain your latest offerings thoroughly to maximize this opportunity.

❑ Products — Highlight your latest brand offerings and position your best products in front of your target customers. You may include a price range, a fixed price, or even leave the area blank.

❑ Offers — Use discounts and sales to promote your unique offerings. Offer posts include a bright yellow tag, promo validity, and coupon codes to draw attention to your offers.

❑ Welcome Offer — Welcome Offer posts are only visible to people who follow your business and were released to allow businesses to convert followers into customers in the Google Maps app. You can also promote exclusive offers and freebies to your followers.

❑ Events — This is used as a promotional tool where you can post details about your latest conference, webinar, or any type of event you are hosting, be sure to add the correct event schedule (start/end date and time). Remember, the 58-character limit for the title and 1,500-character limit for the event post.

Apart from posting, we also add CTA(call-to-action) buttons on your Google My Business posts, so online users can easily navigate your content.


6. Monitor your GMB Q&A section

The Google Q&A section is designed to allow customers to interact with brands, voice out their concerns, to amplify their local exposure, and build out your GMB profile.

We try to provide useful, accurate insights and respond to all questions and concerns politely and professionally. This helps in building better brand imagery and increase customer confidence in your brand.

Google My Business Optimization FAQ’s

Google My Business is a free service by Google for businesses and organizations to create and manage their business listing and get more online visibility.

Local SEO broadly covers working on overall local presence whereas GMB optimization is confined only to optimizing the GMB page.

Google 3 Pack is the result for the top 3 local businesses that appear in the organic search results in the forms of maps and other information. If your business has a GMB page, then only it is eligible for the local 3 pack.

Local citation means building your business profile in local directories and other relevant websites. It includes creating and claiming your business in websites.

There is no guaranteed time frame for Google 3 pack, but we have a successful track record of ranking businesses within 6 months in Google 3 pack results.

Yes, if you a duplicate Google My Business page, we can send a request to Google for its removal.

We need a formal confirmation mail for starting the GMB optimization campaign and access to your Google GMB if available otherwise we will create it on your behalf.

Yes, we will create and publish specifically content targeting local audience that will bring more visibility to your business.

Our payment terms are 100% advance on a monthly basis. We provide exciting discount for yearly packages. You can connect with us directly if you need yearly packages.

Yes, we are absolutely fine with NDA to ensure your business information is safe and secure with us.

We accept payments via PayPal, credit card, debit card, wire transfer, and cheque.

We use Zoho projects for managing the project and are also readily available on email, Skype, TeamViewer, or call.