In a major development, Google has removed the public version of their submit URL tool.  Using this tool anyone could submit a URL to Google but not anymore.  Google has suggest people to use Search Console’s Fetch & Submit tool. Only the website owners can now submit the URL to Google and that too is limited to 10 individual URLs every day.

The major impact of this update will be mainly upon the digital marketers and SEO companies. Since this update will only allow the people who have verified ownership of the website, it will a great impact on digital marketing companies who handle their clients.

To submit a URL to Google’s index via Search Console, follow the steps below:

  • Perform a fetch (or fetch and render) request for a URL using Fetch as Google.
  • Click “Request indexing” next to the fetch in the fetch history table.
  • Select whether to crawl only that single URL, or that URL plus its direct links.
  • Click “Submit” to queue your request.

Why Google has discontinued the public URL submit tool feature?

The main reason behind shutting down the public URL submit tool was that majority of people using it were the one who never owned the page. Mostly these are SEOs and similar people working on the third party sites.

SEOs could submit a URL for a page they have a link on, to get the link indexed and pushing PageRank faster.  Or they could use it to get a social media page indexed faster, often for reputation management purposes, such as a Facebook page or Twitter profile.

Some would do it on competitor sites to get spammy pages indexed and then file a spam report.