Conversion of PSD design into HTML is almost a necessity these days for all web developers looking at cross functionality of their design. There are two basic ways to perform that. The first and the most popular these days is the use of software to generate HTML codes for particular PSDs. In the other, more time consuming but like all things handmade, more exclusive and accurate is the Hand Coding Method. Let us try and find out how hand coding method is better for conversion of PSD to Html.

1. Fast Loading Websites – These days with millions and millions of websites, many in the same space, it is now an integral part of all web development designers to integrate technologies that can maximize the loading speed of the web pages .Hand coding essentially eliminate the unnecessary codes that are a hallmark of online coding platforms where the coding is more generic rather than customized. Hand coding effectively minimizes this and therefore hand coded sites definitely stand faster and more efficient in terms of load speed and functionality.

2. Editable and Customizable Easily – Auto generated HTML codes by virtue of them being more generic in nature are very difficult to edit and customize. For an exclusive, customized experience, it is important that the codes are hand coded. Manual codes allow much more scope of aesthetic and functional customizations than compared to auto generated codes since it is much more difficult to tweak or change the auto generated codes. Easy customization also allow the website designers to make quick changes on short notices and make the website more modern and attract more users in the long run.

3. Easier Search Engine Optimization – SEO friendliness is one of the most desired features of all web services these days. Hand written codes are definitely cleaner. Lighter and much more efficient in terms of web search ability. On the other hand auto generated codes are generally much heavier and generic in nature and therefore perform lethargically when it comes to SEO optimization. This is among the most important reasons to have hand written codes since at the end of it the site response directly depends on how quickly people re able to locate it on the internet for which SEO optimization is the key.

4. Accurate Image Conversions – Hand coding effectively ensures that the converted pictures from PSD which optimized for pictures is as good in HTML too. Web based coding does not give the desired results in picture conversions with loss of pixel density and the richness of the final image. With Hand coding the pictures can be optimized to match exactly in pixel terms to the source image in PSD. These days of the image rich websites, this is of prime importance that full benefit of visual engagement is obtained and to that end hand coding is far, far ahead of web based codings.

5. Error Free Coding – It goes without saying that the success of all websites depend on a seamless and unique browsing experience for the user and coding errors can severely spoil that experience. Errors in coding can, in addition to diminishing the SEO compatibility, which is quite problematic itself, can also cause loading errors, not found errors or not authorized errors hence making your website virtually unusable. Hand coding can effectively ensure that such errors are minimized since the codes are written exclusively and customized towards the particular operation. HTML conversion softwares generate same codes generically for different PSD designs which sometimes hamper the functionality and make it bug prone. PSD to HTML conversion hand coding, on the other hand can make your site more responsive, error free and SEO friendly.

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