Have you noticed, while searching anything on the Google now-a-day, you see no more ads on the right hand side of the search result? You can see anything on the right hand side only if your search query relates to any product. If the search related to any product, you get to see the photos of the product, their price and the site address at the right hand side of the Google search. Just recall.

Google has now officially removed all the PPC ads from the right side of the search queries result. It has now gone global. With the removal of the ads from the right hand side, they have added one more ad space at the top of the organic search results. So, instead of three ads with blue links at the top, you see four ads now. In addition, you see only three ads at the end of the organic search result. So, in total, you will see 7 ads on a Google search page.[bctt tweet=”Is removal of right hand side Google ads a game changer for SEO?” username=”1solutionsbiz”]

This decision of Google has given rise to the speculations about what would be its effect on the organic search results? Well, there are postulations that the organic listings will be pushed down further giving more preference to the Product Listing Ads. People have already started to panic about the slow death of above-the-fold organic SERPs. But, if you see closely, it is not necessarily the case. There are certain positive points to be happy about. These are:

  • One positive change is that now there are more organic results shown below the fold. If you are observant enough, you will notice that now, there are nine blue links below the fold and two new stories. Which is an improvement in itself, isn’t it?
  • In the present time, when the adblockers have become excellently effective, whatever anybody is doing with the ad is potentially irrelevant. So there’s no need to be hyper.
    If you see the statistics presented by Merkle/RKG, you will find that since the time of changes made by the Google, the organic search visits have been completely stable.
  • So, there are some reasons to be happy about. Although, there are no big and major effects seen up to now, but there are some concerns that needs to be discussed. This new change by the Google has made the visibility of the organic results to be seen above the fold very rare. Especially, in the areas where Google has its own comparison products, like insurance etc. the organic visibility is getting even worse. But one concept is getting sturdy here i.e. keyword.

Now, in order to be seen organically, one has to be very specific about the keywords. In order to be ranked organically high, it has now become essential to ensure that you select the relevant keyword for your brand very carefully. Now, the relevance of Meta Data has even increased many folds. Now, Meta Data needs to be optimized around those keywords, or you will lose your listing in the organic search results.

As the new search and user behavior evolve, it is necessary to make changes to the result page. But, the change shouldn’t be harsh. Overall, it seems that it’s good that the right-hand-side ads are all gone. This change by Google seems sober, although it will take some time to show its overall impact. Just observe closely and keep a track of your traffic to find what straightforward actions you can take to keep up with the new ways. One thing is for sure, now you can no longer ignore Keywords. They are now utterly essential for getting you into the organic listings.

We will come up with more news and strategies to keep you at the top, and to help you adapt and optimize your organic and paid strategies accordingly. Up to than just optimize your web pages with your chosen keywords. We wish you all the more higher ranking in the organic listings!

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