The aim of any business is to generate revenue and to generate profits. The vision of the company might be something noble and more along technical lines but a business is always concerned with the money. Since everything is online these days, its important to keep a track of your website. Having good online traffic to your website doesn’t guarantee that it will bring good business. Having higher goal conversion rate is more important. Lets see how you can increase the goal conversion rate of your website.

Many tools like Google Analytics are available to keep a track of the growth needed targets achieved. Analytics as the name suggests provide a data driven data. However it should be always kept in mind that the most suitable goals are being tracked and monitored. For e.g. website owners might get excited by seeing a lot of visitors on their website but if an increase in traffic does not amount to a similar increase in revenue or profits, then the traffic is of no use. Growth and effective growth are different. Grass can grow around the seed that you sow too but it is important to ensure that the focus is on the growth of the sown plant and one does not start celebrating just by seeing the phenomenal growth of the weed around it. In fact in some cases it might be even useful to uproot the weed (read distractions) so that your desired mango tree (read revenue) has more growth opportunities. This is where setting goals for your website comes in. Putting trust blindly on increased traffic is a highly probable, if not a certain path to failure.

Analytics should provide you with the important goal conversion rates which have the maximum influence upon revenue generated. However not all websites aim to generate revenue but might look to be marketing a product. Here only an increase in traffic will do but even then the increased traffic will not be useful if it does not motivate people to buy the product being marketed. So setting up a feedback form which asks questions about the consumer’s preferences and the hit rate of this feedback form should provide better answers.

For example suppose a toothpaste company has recently launched a new variety of toothpaste with salt in it. The company should not be happy with just an increase in the visibility of the new toothpaste brand’s web page. A survey form which has clear questions like

    1. Do you want salt in your toothpaste?
  1. Would you buy this toothpaste which has salt from XYZ Company? If no then why?

Should provide better analytical results.

The point being, to increase goal conversion rates it is necessary that the target audience is researched carefully. Nokia did not know and probably could not keep up with the evolving needs of mobile phone users and hence went from being the biggest mobile company to being reduced to rubble. The audience has the cash and they won’t part with it meaninglessly. Their needs and wants need to be of the utmost importance. Also here are some more effective tips to increase one’s goal conversion rates:

    1. Use Google Analytics. Google is the leading company in the world in terms of data available and who else to provide you an answer about your performance metrics than the company which provides the world answers to every sort of questions.  
    1. Improving goal conversions rates is about choosing the right goals. This does sound like a dog going in circles trying to catch its tail but isn’t. As has been repeatedly advised choosing the right goals is paramount. Go through your website and think like the customer. This is the catch “thinking like the customer”. This will help you in re-evaluating your goals and setting those that actually reflect consumer interest. All that will be left is providing a great product and the conversion rates will take care of themselves.
    1. However if the numbers don’t seem to be budging upward, one should then focus on why customers are unable to find their way to your website. There could be a multitude of reasons such as the website is not Search Engine Optimised or the website is generating bad reviews elsewhere. Such problems require the help of Reputation Management firms who with the proper use of Digital Marketing can make your product more visible to the customers.
  1. A basic thing that one can always take care of is to have a sufficient keyword density in the web content although they should not be stuffed to the point where they appear crass. Keyword placement would prove detrimental to the objective in such a case. Keywords should be used creatively to make the content more informative to the consumer and enable them in the decision making process.

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