It is real frustrating when you spend hours upon hours to develop great quality content and it does not produce desired engagement results among web surfers once it is uploaded. A healthy page view count is one of the prime indicators of how well your page is being received by the users of the information. Increasing the advertising revenues is only a by-product of increased attrition on the website but it must be a long term vision to affect a better conversion rate and to have improved page view numbers.

Let us discuss a few ways increase the page views on your wordpress website for better user engagement.

1. Create Great Content –

There is no easier way to say this, Content is the King. Literally, figuratively and metamorphic ally. At the end of it, the content is your marketable product and that is what you have to showcase and sell. Great content copywriting will increase the rate of engagement, retention and repeat visits on the website. Creating content that is relevant and informative, at the same time easy to understand and decipher is one of the prime differentiators of a great website where the customer will want to return again and again.[bctt tweet=”Content Is Vital For Creating Better User Engagement” username=”1solutionsbiz”]

2. Optimizing the SEO Plugin –

The most important and effective way to increase your wordpress website visits is by ensuring that the search engine rankings are optimized and revisited from time to time. Having a reputable and well tested SEO plugin can have a dramatic effect in facilitating wordpress website visits by unique visitors.[bctt tweet=”Use SEO Yoast To Optimize Your WordPress” username=”1solutionsbiz”]

3. Interactive Sidebar Presence –

The sidebar of the website can be properly utilized towards the end of reducing bounce rates and increasing page views. The side bar can be easily customized to show unique contents such as the most popular posts by time lines and the most recent posts etc… The other sections of the site can also be integrated in the side bar such as the gallery or the wordpress coupons etc.[bctt tweet=”Wordpress Sidebar Should Show Content In Better Manner ” username=”1solutionsbiz”]

4. Breaking the Long Posts –

One of the effective ways to increase page views is to break up the longer posts into smaller ones but using extreme caution and jurisprudence because generally speaking page visitors do not like to click pages after pages if the content doesn’t appeal to them anymore, which means that you might have something nice on the last page but the visitor will cut his visit short much ahead of reaching there.[bctt tweet=”Avoid Using Long Posts, Use Short Pages Instead” username=”1solutionsbiz”]

5. Inserting Links in the Right Places –

On of the most popular ways to increasing your page views is to somehow tell the visitor about other topics that might interest him in an unobtrusive way and effectively navigate him/her to that page . Inserting relevant links within the content is a great way to tell the visitor more about a topic that has been mentioned but not described fully. Inserting links can give the opportunity to the visitor to navigate to another page of his interest , perhaps related to what he is reading now and just click a simple link to reach the content there .In the wordpress specifically the plug in Yet Another Related Post Plug-in (YARPP) is quite popular.[bctt tweet=”Put Right Links At The Right Place ” username=”1solutionsbiz”]

6. Consistency is the Key –

A consistent and predictable user experience should be maintained throughout your wordpress website’s page. Readers should be happily surprised with the quality and usability of the content but not of inconsistencies within the site browsing experience itself. Confusing navigation can increase the webpage bounce rates quite significantly and must be avoided except where hidden surprises are a key element of the nature of the content itself.[bctt tweet=”Be Consistent With The WordPress Design” username=”1solutionsbiz”]

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