Social media marketing is bread and butter of today’s business and the companies need to earn it to generate revenues. This is a digital era and in this highly competitive digital age, it is very important to market your product on social media. This gives you an instant traction and better customer attention. But, once you are done marketing your post, how would you know that how a particular post is performing on social media? How will you measure the performance of your social media posts? Let’s have a look.

Well, there are a lot of ways to do this. It generally depends on how many social media channels you are using and how much time you want to invest in the analysis.

Smart Goals

Nobody can achieve anything without having a clear goal and same is the case with the social media marketing. Attaining your social media goals, whether it is to create brand awareness or to improve ROI without measurable goals or quality metrics to measure performance is no less than to launch a rocket into outer space without any clue as to where it’s going. You need to define SMART goals. By smart here I mean specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. It will help you to determine what metrics you need to measure and analyze. This also depends upon what actually your goal is. For example, if your aim is to drive more traffic to your website, link clicks, URL shares, and conversions. It can also be to boost awareness, check reach, volume, exposure, mentions, and impressions. If it is to measure engagement, look at replies, likes, retweets, post shares, and comments. The measurement of your social post depends on the kind of goal you have.

Track Page’s Individual Performance

Each social media page has a section named ‘insights.’ Go to the social media page that you use, go to the insights and track the performance of your post. For example, if you are using Facebook then go to Facebook’s insights and there you will be able to check page views, page actions, page likes, reach, post engagements, and page followers. You will also see how the organic and paid promotions of your post are going. Same is the case with Twitter.

Third-party Social Media Analytics Tool

If you are using more than one social media site and want someone to help you analyze social media analytics for multiple social media accounts in one central location then there exist a number of third-party media analytics tool that can help you in this. These tools assist you in keeping track of multiple social media channels at once.

Trial and Error

Remember, the only way to optimize social media performance is to test your assumptions. Make an engagement report which will show you engagement levels on each platform. Analyse your post data and see which post gets the most likes and at what time. Check which type of post performs the best according to your audience.