It must have happened to you that when you type any query in the Google search box, you get the related information in a small informational box, which appears at the top of the Google search page. This small box answering your query is called as ‘Featured Snippet.’ The featured snippet displays a short description or an answer of your queries. This snippet can come from any of the page listed on the SERP. The place where these snippets are located is called ‘position zero’.

These featured snippets help in various ways. It is helpful to both the person who is searching for, and the website that emerges as a snippet for the search. Some of the benefits of the Google’s Featured Snippet Box are:

  1. The boxes drive traffic to the website.
  2. It increases the brand awareness.
  3. It helps to build the customer base.
  4. It specifically helps in ranking the e-commerce websites for the informational queries. This in-turn increases their site visibility.
  5. As the users get direct answers in these boxes, they do not have to read a long article or click a link to load it.

Whichever website gets an opportunity to get featured in the featured snippet box gets a huge competitive advantage over time. But how to get listed in that featured snippet box turns out to be a mystery for many SEOs. You get a lot of conflicting advice on that, but no solid solution. Well, it is advised that you shouldn’t even expect a clear and concise answer of that because there is no official guide to do this. However, the research done by the SEOs can give you an idea about what might help you in the long run. Here, we are enlisting the recommendations given by the researchers and SEOs to increase your chances of getting featured in the Google’s snippet box.

  1. Search for the questions that Google users commonly ask. Once you get to know them, you can learn the ways of answering them with your website content. You can use ‘SerpStat’ tool to turn the term you provide into Google Suggest phrases.
  2. Identify your site pages that have the highest potential for getting featured in the snippet box. You can do so by using the “Search Analytics” section of the Webmaster Tool or Google analytics.
  3. You should ask the real people about what questions they could probably ask about your topic or product. You can try ‘MyBlogU’ for that.
  4. You can even track questions that people generally ask on Twitter about your topic/product. Now-a-day, Twitter and Facebook have become the places where people turn for help at once. ‘Cyfe’ can be used to monitor the phrases used on Twitter.
  5. You can alternatively add a section on your site where you can give answers to the queries raised. This will automatically create a huge list of question and answers.
  6. The content should be customized for both the desktop and the mobile versions of your website. The content should be good, structured properly and easily accessible.
  7. You must create an area on the web page where your search queries can appear in the header. Moreover, the content you want to display should be placed in a <p> tag below the header.
  8. Use best SEO practices and keywords. Schema markup on pages may turn fruitful for you as it helps Google to search for the semantic entities within the website’s source code.

Conclusion: The best way to devise the strategy to get enlisted in the Featured snippet box is to do a quick audit of the keywords that you are targeting in your SEO campaign. Now, find that how many of those keywords appear in the question-based queries. With the help of these you can get an idea about how well you are ranking and how better is your content structured for listing in the featured snippet box. You can then optimize your content according to the suggestions given. If you see any success by following these advices, please do share it with us. ALL THE BEST!

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