Recently, Google announced the plan for indexing the websites on the basis of its mobile versions and accordingly generates snippets in the google search results. So, there is a need to optimize your websites for mobile first marketing and having good ranks in search engine. Here are some useful tactics that help you to improve mobile experience of your sites and optimize it for better conversions.

Speed Up Load Time:

When it comes to user experience, it is recommended to focus on speed of your site, especially on mobiles. It’s easy to download the long content and bunch of images on large screens like desktop while it causes several issues on mobiles. There are some recommended ways to boost up load time at your site including AMP, PWA and PWAMP.

AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages, and it is an open source initiative that allows the users to load the pages much faster than the regular HTML.
PWA stands for progressive web apps, and it provides reliability, speed and bette bond with users.
PWAMP is a blend of PWA built on AMP, CSS, and HTML. It possess great speed and offers the benefits like PWA.

Keep Updated Content for Mobiles:

The Google’s move to the mobile first index demands the updated content for mobile versions for better rank in search engines. So, if you have different content for your desktop and mobiles, then there are some must dos, you need to focus to manage your content for better mobile experience.

Google has no hard and fast rules for hiding the content on accordion or drop-down menu as it drags all the content one after one, composed in these menus.
Nowadays, there are lot op options in HTML and JAVA for composing a captivating content so avoid focussing on flash content.

Use the pop-ups wisely as they are limiting the users from getting the content and in turn make them frustrated. However, they are important for link building so it is suggested to use them wisely.
Mobile screens are comparatively smaller than desktops so keep an eye on font size and size of tap target for finger friendly content on mobile versions.

Don’t Hide Anything, When You Can Serve Everything:

Today, some mobiles have better processor than the computers and have more power to deal with heavy files. So, when you have so much space and freedom in mobile versions, then why are you hesitating to show your expertise and creativity there. Now there is no need to hide anything from mobile users or block certain resources like JAVA, CSS etc.

Wrapping Up:

As per Google norms, its clear that Mobile-first indexing is soon going to be part of searches and as a result, many big players are now emphasizing on designing, developing and optimization for mobile versions before desktop. So, we would recommended to consult your SEO team and make the changes as early as possible.