This present age is a hashtag age. You will see a lot of hashtags on social media and not only on the digital media but everywhere. People have even started launching their products or events using hashtags, there are a lot of people who have even started speaking using hashtag language and the time is not far when you will hear hashtags in songs.

The hashtag has become an important part of social media marketing. It can increase awareness, get your content seen by more people than just followers and increase social shares. But, how to use hashtags to improve social media marketing reach? The answer is very simple.

Make a List of Keywords

There is a keyword for every post on social media and there are a set of keywords that people use again and again in their post which we call trending keywords. Research well and make a list of trending keywords. This will help you in social media marketing. You can even find trending hashtags on the following sites.

• Trendsmap
• Hashtagify
• RiteTag

Relevant Hashtags

For a string social media marketing reach, hashtags are not the only thing that is important. It is even more important to use right hashtag for the right post. You need to keep this in mind while using hashtags that the hashtags you are using should be relevant in relation to your post. For example, if you are sharing a motivational quote then your hashtags have to be motivational, motivation, motivational quotes, quotes, quote of the day etc. Using a hashtag that is long and difficult to spell or pronounce, will probably not give you the results you want. An unclear, never-used or generic hashtag will give you generic result and not an extraordinary result.

Use Hashtag Anywhere in Your Post

It is written nowhere that you can only use hashtags at the end of your post. Don’t restrict your hashtags to the end of the post. You can use your hashtags even in the beginning or within the post.

Put yourself in the audience’s shoe

When you are using hashtags, think of what your audience would want to see or like or what common phrases they will search for. Put yourself in your audience’s shoe. Then only you will be able to reach the right destination.

Short Hashtags

There is the least chance of somebody searching for long and lengthy hashtags. So, keep your hashtags short.

Use Hashtags on All Social Media Handles

Use hashtags for all the social media handles, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ except LinkedIn. You can use multiple hashtags for Instagram. But, don’t look too many hashtags. This will make your post look messy and will annoy the audience.

Be Specific and Unique

If you want to make your post a brand and want others to join you and engage conversations then you need to be very specific and unique. You can’t restrict yourself to generic hashtags. Be the first one to use unique hashtags.