Website coding has become an important thing in these days and it is quite visible to us. There are probably a lot of ways to get a website made, though, going to an agency again and again can be troublesome, not to mention the beginners who want to make a name in this field should certainly avoid doing this. Whether you want to develop your website in WordPress or any other platform, HTML and CSS are the core elements for it. So what can be done? How does one code a website for himself? Mentioned below are the details of the easiest form of coding and styling of a website any beginner could ask to start off with.

What is HTML and CSS?


Originated in the late 1990, the Hyper Text Markup Language has come a long way since then! This is the best software you could use for coding and the reason for this is because HTML is the easiest to learn on! There are of course the advanced ones, the C and the C++, but for beginners HTML is the best choice they have.


Once you have coded the site, it is your responsibility to even finish the work you have done for the site! Coding is just not enough, while the HTML does the job of giving the site a backbone, the CSS software helps in making it presentable and this is an important thing to be done because if your site is not presentable, people are not really going be interested in checking it out for what it really is.

How HTML and CSS work together?

1. Create ‘Style.css’ document
In this step, it is required of you to create a ‘style.css’ file and place it in the exact same folder of the ‘index.html’ file.

2. Link the CSS file to the HTML file
For this step, we have to go back to our index.html page. Under the <head > option, the CSS code has to be written which would look something like <link> href=”style.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” </link> to start styling your web page.

3. Understand the CSS syntax
It is important that you understand how to design your page through syntax, the below mentioned example will help you.
p { color : blue; }
This code will look differently in the HTML code since, HTML has a different syntax. This code can be used to change the color of the text.
p {
color : blue;
This would help you in adding whitespace and breaks to the code.
While both the codes essentially are the same for your browser, CSS coders still use the latter in their coding.

4. Changing the color of the h1 tag
The other important thing that you need to do while making your website is changing the h1tag design as well. Suppose you want it in green color, the code would be:
p {
color : blue;
h1 {
color : green;

You can use this as a test in your html coding and see how it works. Hope this article will give you a clear understanding of how HTML and CSS work together. If you are interested in hiring us for  PSD to HTML conversion services, please feel free to contact us today.

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