If you have a blog and are not aware of the wonders that SEO’s can do then it is high time that you get yourself upgraded. The main purpose of maintaining a blog is to get people to read it. If you do not highlight it by punching in keywords, you are surely going to miss out on a lot of things. WordPress is one such site that you can exploit to the fullest. Be it for your personal or business use, WordPress has one of the best content management systems. It provides valuable SEO services for paid and unpaid members. Following are some of the important points to optimize SEO for WordPress:

Following are some of the important points to optimize SEO for WordPress:

1. Blog Privacy:

Under the WordPress Privacy Settings, make sure to keep the ‘Allow search engines to index this site’ on. If this is not done, you will lose out on people browsing on Google for the same content that your article has.

2. Keyword Research:

Your post will get better rankings only if you punch in the right keyword. Keywords are important because it helps a user to navigate to the Word Press site. Follow these steps:

  • After you finish writing your article, don’t simply start guessing the keywords to be written.
  • Make a good research on Google and use the Google Keyword Tool (GKT)
  • Type the first word or phrase that you recall when you read your content.
  • The results show a number of keywords.
  • Take them and look for the keyword that has close to 6000 searches in a month.
  • Shortlist around 5 and use it to increase your site viewers.

3. Use the right HTML, CSS and CDN code:

An HTML and CSS code lets Google into your site very easily. CDN is crucial as it lessens the time taken for images, videos and other data to download on your site. Your page loads faster. This is a vital point as users dislike is waiting time. They look for quick and instant results. If the download time is consuming you will lose out on viewers. It may cause a potential client or a customer to move to your competitor’s page and may never again revisit your page. This is definitely going to be a loss for you.

4. SEO Plugin:

WordPress SEO by Yoast is a recommended SEO plugin by WordPress development service. Title Settings, Indexation, RSS etc. are easily done.

5. Get Your Permalinks in Order:

One of the most important Settings in WordPress website is the permalinks settings. Set it to ‘/% post name %/ ’. It helps you control your URL.

6. Robots.txt File:

This is again important because it lets Google have an access only to certain required areas of your site that are within the search limits of a user.

7. Keyword Usage:

Use keywords from your content in your headlines and title. It helps in quickening your site viewers.

8. WWW or Non-WWW:

To permit Google to access your page good, got to ‘Google Webmaster Tools’ under Configuration – Settings – Choose the ‘Preferred domain parameter’.

9. Mend Broken Links:

Check and get any broken link corrected. Use the ‘Broken Link Checker’ to fix it. This is absolutely essential because Google doesn’t follow any incomplete links in the search results because broken links hamper the reputation and trust that users have on Google as the best search engine. Also, your site and business will not come across as a professional.

10. Categorize:

Very often people fail to categorize their posts as the ones related to travel, leisure, food, fashion, etc. Categorization ensures maximum views on your site. Not only that, it attracts the right viewers to your page.

11. Perfect Internal Links:

Google takes into account the nitty gritties of a site, i.e. minute observations are made. It not only checks your external links, but also how well you linked the internal pages of your website with each other. Connectivity is an important factor here.

12. Have Your BackUp in Place:

Prevention is better than cure goes a saying. What is the point crying over lost data? It is crucial to have a backup of your site to save all your SEO efforts. You can choose ‘Backup Buddy’ to Backup your site daily, weekly or monthly. This way, you wouldn’t have to grieve over any loss.

The benefits of following this checklist will be amazing. Be sure to reap the benefits in the long run.

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