On 19 November, Instagram made an announcement via a blog that it would crack down on fake followers to benefit genuine influencers. Nowadays, Instagram has become one of the most popular platforms to mark a strong online presence. So this announcement turns to be the worst nightmare for all those black hat social media marketers of industry who use inauthentic activities or third-party apps for increasing their fake followers on their profiles. As after this announcement, it might seem to have a major drop in their follower count and ultimately their business.

Likes, followers, and comments are the real outputs of activities, done on Instagram to impress the audience. These are the metrics that help to compare the performances of profiles on Instagram. When an account is fortunate to earn more than 10,000 followers, then it can get access to multiple golden features of Instagram like the ability to embed links in Instagram Stories.

Most experts in the field feel that number of followers is incredibly important for an Instagram account holder to make an impression of influencer. Whereas, they also believe that it’s crucial to add a full stop to all fake followers and other such activities for improving Instagram as a better platform.

So now Instagram’s new policy is believed to revolve around automated amplification services. These require to charge subscription fees from the users to send their profiles into an automated turmoil of likes, followers and comments.

In short, Instagram has adopted a strict attitude towards all malpractices, involved in getting fake followers and this will make it easier for the audience to differentiate real influencers and fake profiles.