Instagram will soon allow users to post long-form clips of up to an hour. According to the Wall Street Journal, the users will soon be able to post long length videos on Instagram.The new feature “will focus on vertical video” which means all of the videos will in the vertical orientation and UHD 4K resolution.

According to social media sources, the videos on the author’s profile on Instagram will display from the Stories Highlights bubbles which will make it easy for users to find content. Presently, Instagram stories are restricted to a length of 15 seconds and the videos in the main feed can run up to 60 seconds.

Instagram has started copying the features from other apps since Facebook has acquired the app. The social media giant bought Instagram when it was 2 years old. Two years back, the app copied Snapchat in which it launched stories feature.

Stories is a Snapchatty-feature that allows the user to post videos and photos in 24-hour format. Now, it is copying YouTube. This will bring the company in line with the parent company, Facebook, and YouTube.

Under the proposed plan, Instagram’s new feature will see content with video length of up to 20 minutes. This will also allow publishers to post video ads on the platform. Moreover, viewers will get a ‘continue watching’ option so that they can prolong video viewing sessions.

It seems like the app is in a direct competition with all the other apps including its parent company, Facebook. The photo-sharing app has over 800 million users and currently, comes with features like Archie posts, Save posts for later, selfie stickers, Instagram Direct, etc.