Just like the pictures in fashion magazines change frequently, the same rule applies on the website design arena. New design trends, techniques and ideas keep changing frequently. Examining your site’s design and features at a regular interval will keep your site up to the mark with the changing trends and  can make your site effective for the visitors. However, you don’t need to be blind follower when it comes implementing the current trends, but a little creativity can go a long way. Here are some website design trends that already tapped the website arena to overcast the designing technique.

  1. Go Responsive: Responsiveness is the new buzz in the website designing market. Responsiveness is the ability of the website to fit according the size of the device. Since Smartphones and tablets has become the world in the pocket and people browse the net while on the go, so having website users can access on their phones and tablet is necessary this year.

responsive website design

  1. Flat website Design: Website with less clutter and more white space combined with smooth colors and fun are the ingredients for the excellent user experience. Simple, clean and modern these are demands a website designer can hear from clients’ mouths.

flat website design

  1. Simple and Minimalist:  Users are after the websites that are clean and easy to navigate. Sites with clean interface don’t serves irrelevant information; it makes the file size smaller that decreases the site loading time. Simple layout with simple typography make the coding simple, thus easier to find bugs and other issues on the site. By removing the unnecessary decorative elements means, the main objective of the site will get more attention. The use of simple color let the image emerge as true focal points of the screen.

Simple and Minimalist website design

  1. One page website: It means that the website pages can be viewed by scrolling up or down. A typical website has various links taking the users to the relevant pages, but now a single page site with less content is in the limelight. The single page style strategy can help express a straight and controlled concept to users and help them to concentrate on important information. This type of website isn’t perfect for the sites with a lot of content, but if you are looking to keep things brief and lovely, single page websites are a web pattern worth considering.

One page website

  1. Video in background:  Paying a video in the background helps in conveying messages to its users. However, some older browsers don’t have the compatibility to play a video but new browsers can flawlessly play video that can subtly enhance and improve a site’s design. The purpose of the video backgrounds is to support the design and content. With the use of video in the background, large images in the background are also getting popular.

Video in background

  1. Use of Infographics: Infographics is an interesting way to feed the users with complex data and statistics.  Infographics are the easy way to absorb the loads of information; it presents more information in a smaller space. People like infographics because they are original with fun shapes and bold colors.

Use of Infographics

  1. Clever Use of Typography: Typography has arrived in mainstream; designers should know and understand the principles of typography that create a pleasing design. Every brand has the unique personality and the selection of a perfect typography can be as important as the selection of color, images or graphics in a brand. Giant search engine Google provides thousands of fonts for free to enhance the appeal of the content.

Clever Use of Typography

  1. Use of Flash, HTML 5 Animation:  With the arrival of modern browsers, the dependency on plugins for excellent animations and playing videos has ended. HTML 5, CSS 3, and different JavaScript techniques has the capability to bring a website to life creating a unique browsing experience.

Use of Flash, HTML 5 Animation

  1. Fixed Navigation bar: Websites prefer to use the fixed navigation bar for the users ease so that the users don’t have to go to the top of the website if they want to explore the site further. Having a fixed navigation lets the readers quickly access the menu to dive deeper into the site.

Fixed Navigation bar


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