The truth is, ranking your website without links is quite an undertaking.

Links are Google’s #1 ranking factor. Their importance in the entire Search Engine Optimization dynamics is evident from the fact that backlinks are Google’s Reputation Management Tool.

Link building is all about getting web pages to link to each other. With the presence of links on the web, the users are able to get around more relevant data on the internet.

When it is about search engines, links help them crawl the pages of your website and this is probably the top reason that your link building activity should be on point.

As long as you take your link building activity seriously and are doing it in the right manner, you are helping your own website rank well and also helping the audience reach discover deserving content.

Eight link building techniques that can still work for you in 2019
Let’s check them out.

1. Help a Reporter Out technique

Also known as the HARO, the Help a Reporter Out technique works through a platform meant for journalists and sources.

While journalists use this platform to find new stories, you can use this to pitch a story to journalists and get backlinks. To get this started, you will have to register yourself on the website and you will then start receiving emails for source requests. This is a great way to get authoritative backlinks.

2. Blog about hot/trending topics

This is a classic activity for your link building exercise. Creating content/blog around hot topics is a good way to get backlinks. Since these topics just got in, not a lot of information is available around them over the internet.

So, if you are able to capture relevant content in a quick time phase, your content/blog will become the go-to resource for those topics. These will help you gain a large number of backlinks from different websites. Read more

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