Google has a long list of discontinued services which took off at a high note but then subsequently shut down them due to many reasons. Who can forget ‘’, a social networking site which had a huge user base in India. But then due to increasing popularity of Facebook and Twitter and not upgrading itself to changing user experience, Orkut lost the edge and is now a history.

Below is a list of such services by Google.  You might be familiar with some and might not have heard of others name. To read more about them, you can follow the links to Wikipedia.

  1. Aardvark (search engine)
  2. Google Answers

    Google Answers
    Google Answers
  3. Google Base
    Google Base
  4. Google Buzz
    Google Buzz
  5. Google Code Search
    Google Code Search
  6. Google Dictionary
    Google Logo
  7. Google Fast Flip
    Google fast flip
  8. Google Friend Connect
    Google friend connect
  9. GOOG-411
  10. Google Blog Search
    Google blog search
  11. Google Building Maker
    Google Building Maker
  12. Google Latitude
    Google Latitude
  13. Google Offers
    Google offers
  14. Google Health
    Google Health
  15. IGoogle
  16. Google Image Labeler
    Google Image Labeler
  17. Knol
  18. Google Labs
    Google Labs
  19. Google Lively
    Google Lively
  20. Google Notebook
    Google Notebook
  21. Orkut
  22. Google Page Creator
    Google Page Creator
  23. Picnik
  24. Google Reader
    Google Reader
  25. Google Sidewiki
    Google Sidewiki
  26. Google Squared
    Google Squared
  27. Urchin (software)
    Urchin Software
  28. Apache Wave
    Apache Wave