The advent of new ideas of reaching out to the masses with a target approach which has changed the dynamics how marketing prevailed previously and how in the coming generation it has evolved.Last Era ways big cooperates used to market themselves.

social media marketing

Every single customer wired with the different sources like TV Commercial, Newspaper Ads Radio, Outdoor and Transportation Media, Magazine Ads.  These sources broadcasted product advertisements massively which created the impact-full brand presence and likeability of the product among the consumers.

off line marketing


percentage of indian population

Internet penetration rose from the mere 0.53% to a whopping 15.2%. With the advent of penetration of internet in India the number of user base, increasing severity, the dynamics of the overall marketing changed from a TV, Radio based media consumers to a well informed Web 2.0 marketplace based consumer base.


With the advent of the Web 2.0 consumers the dynamics of the overall marketing plans of all the companies changed. First alteration among corporate was media buying changed from TV and Radio Ads to web based ads. Spending alone in the online did not impacted much on the consumer.

social media marketing

The marketers understood the importance on Offline to online integration, which amplified the overall marketing result of sales in the existing consumer base. This integration assisted them to create newer sales cycles and strong consumer behavior integration for product mapping. They understood the importance of every offline activity and con-current online traffic and demand generation of the product.

off line and online marketing

In today’s world the consumer base who was not looking buying online have moved to taking consumer feedback and assessment on the internet via Web2.0 platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, InstaGram, Online Forums and other platforms and then buying online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart & Snapdeal. Integration of all media with a multi channel media portfolio is the crux of the marketing mix of big corporate providing the leverage to have successful products in the market.



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