From initial concept to delivery and implementation, we are at every step.

The most frequent question we face from the clients is “How are you going to do it?” Every firm has its own work flow process and its good to explain clients before project initiation so that they understand the process well. For us every project is unique, but they all have one thing in common, THE START.

We follow a very simple, refined yet tightly knit project methodology. Each project is handled by a dedicated team which includes designers, developers or digital marketers as per the project requirements. Here’s how we work:

1. Consulting/Scope

The first phase starts with gathering project specs and understand your requirements. Requirement understanding is the foundation stone of any project. So we ensure that we clearly understand and get in sync with your project objectives and goals. It ensures that your requirements are clear to us and we propose the best solution matching your requirements.

2. Research & Planning

The key to successfully executive a project is to research, plan and implementation. We take time to understand your business, your objectives, customers and how we should initiate the work. We think it from your customers perspective to deliver you the best results. All these factors plan a vital role in making any project a big success.

3. Creative Design

Once the research and planning is complete the creative phase begins. During the Creative Phase the visual elements are designed as per the client’s preferences and requirements. As the visual elements are approved from the client end, we freeze the creative and move ahead with the design integration phase.

4. Coding/Integration

The coding and design integration is the most crucial phase of the project. Once the client has approved the site designs we begin development the HTML or development phase of the project. A proper site is developed during this phase and set up on demo server for client’s review.

5. Testing/Review

Once the coding and integration phase is complete, we do a thorough testing of the site on the staging server. This phase is also called debugging stage as all the errors and issues are searched in this phase and corrected as well before the final launch.

6. Launch/After Support

Once the testing phase is complete, the site is launched with the client’s approval. Post launch we undertake the website the website maintenance and upkeep to ensure it runs smoothly. This ensures that after project completion, our clients face no trouble in running the site.

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