Competitive knowledge is an important part of building a successful digital marketing campaign. While the actual optimization of your website can be competitor agnostic, the performance of that optimization isn’t.

Simply monitoring competitors is not enough. And it’s more than collecting data and numbers. You have to understand what all it means. Analytics is great, but if you don’t know what to do with the data, it’s pointless. The same is true for competitive knowledge.

Many businesses–especially those that were around pre-internet–have a fairly good grasp on the offline competition around them. After all, before the internet, that’s all there was. But many newer businesses forget to look at these competitors. It’s important for them to realize that failure to do so will affect their long-term success.

Any competitor who is not online today can certainly be online tomorrow. They may be only a minor threat at first, but as soon as they begin to invest, that threat just got real, yo.

Don’t wait until the competition gets fierce before you begin to lay the groundwork for building your own online empire. It’s always better to force someone else to play catch-up to you than you to them.

Let’s look at three competitive factors that you need to review, assess, and understand if you want to build a web marketing campaign that outperforms your competition. Read more

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