The mobile era has begun and the pervasiveness of Smartphones has made the people’s life so easy by giving them the liberty to carry out some of their tasks like paying bills, accessing social media and shopping online while on the go. This trend of accessing everything on mobile phones is gradually making the use of PC a thing of the past. Because mobile Internet usage is increasing steadily, it has become extremely important for website owners to make their website responsive.

What is Responsive Website?

Responsive website has the ability to resize itself according to the interface of different types of devices to provide the best viewing experience to its visitors.

Before the dominance of Smartphone’s and tablets with the latest web-browsing techniques, web designers had to deal with the one challenge, maintaining the look and feel of their websites in various browsers. Now, while creating a responsive website factors such as click versus touch, Screen-size, support for plugins, technology, and many more have made the web designers’ work critical.

Why does a responsive version of the website so important?

  1. Better and Faster User Experience:

Online Marketers believe that by the end of 2014 around 1.75 billion people around the world will be using Smartphone and will continue with the same pace through 2017 and Smartphone penetration among mobile users will be near 50% by the end of the same year. It means the trend to access internet on mobile phone is increasing sharply.

This data is sufficient to awaken the website owners that if they will not move with the trend people will be frustrated with their site, therefore with the increasing consumers’ expectation; websites need to be quick in adopting the latest trends and techniques to lure the consumers. A responsive website will facilitate your visitors to access your site across all platforms, enhancing the user experience, ultimately increasing the usability and brand recognition of your website.

  1. Increased Conversion Rate:  

Responsive website  design has the ability to increase conversion rates. Studies show that 69% out of 100 tablet users use their devices to shop online. But if a user has to do extra work to complete the purchasing procedure, it’s less likely they will convert. Customers are now using their phones to research products and stores to make buying decisions, and smart businesses can use this trend to drive customers into their stores. Make sure your products and services are easily accessible to the millions users using their Smartphones to shop. Moreover, people tend to buy items using Smartphone discount offers. If your site is not compatible with the mobile devices, then there is no use of campaigning your products and services on different social media platform.

  1. Search Engine give preference to Responsive Sites:

Google and other search engines are now focused on the user experience and want to return search results that will enhance the user experience no matter what device they are using. Websites that provide a better user experience through with a well-designed user interface across multiple devices including mobile phones and tablets will take priority in searches improving their organic ranking. Unsatisfied user leaves your site to return the search result and click some other site from the same niche, Google understands that particular site has failed to provide what the user was looking for; it also results in an increased bounce rate and lower rank in mobile searches.

If we see it from Google point of view why does it gives preference to responsive sites? If a website has two versions, one for PC users and one for mobile users, then there will two different URL and HTML for each site and crawlers have to visit a site multiple times to index different versions of the same site. But if you have a responsive site it means you have just one URL and the same HTML across all devices, it is easier for Google to crawl and index the site.

  1. Budget Friendly and Easier to Manage:

Having a website for all devices means no need to have separate websites, saving you money on hosting, marketing support and upgradation. One website for all devices will make your SEO campaign easy to maintain, your development and marketing team can concentrate on just one site.

Responsive websites are no longer a trend but a need and in the absence of mobile friendly website, your online business and efforts to make an impressive online presence will come to a halt.

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