Social networking sites have become something that people are addicted to all the time and have become a way of communication. Almost everyone logs into their account to keep in touch with people around the globe and they sure have facilitated communication on a global level.

This most certainly has raised the importance of social media analytics since there are groups, pages, forums and so many other forms of communication which provide the true, unbiased opinion of the consumer and this has given the organizations are a great opportunity to learn about their drawbacks and take the necessary steps to rectify their mistakes.

Social media analytics in the simplest o terms is a study conducted by companies, business conglomerates and industries to get an honest feedback on their products sold in the market and the services rendered in the market. Why this has caught up quickly and gained popularity is because social networking sites are a place where people would give honest, unbiased opinions and share not only the good experiences but the bad ones as well. This helps in organizations judging where they are going wrong, what hangs have to be brought about and how they can keep their customers happy so that they can retain maximum number of customers.

How Social Media Analytics Works for them?

Before initiating the social media analytics, it is important to determine what goal it would serve. Gathering raw data and analyzing them only to formulate a decision on it needs an end goal to it which is why it is important to determine the purpose of social media analytics. Once this has been established, the KPIs have to be set. KPI is an abbreviation for the term key performance indicators. Key performance indicators are indicating factors that help in evaluating the relevant data in accordance to the end goal. They could be in any and every form. One example of KPI could be the number of retweets of a post on twitter or number of likes, comments and shares of posts on Facebook groups and pages. KPIs cannot really be pin pointed to a selected few and hence there can be no proper defined examples of it. KPI would matter on the purpose as well.

Importance of Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics have most certainly become very important for all the organizations and companies in today’s times. The reason for this is as mentioned above, the true opinion of the customer or the consumer is stated only on social networking sites which is the best way for companies to recognize their shortcomings and overcome their cons. There are many software tools for analyzing unstructured data found in Facebook posts and tweets.

The field of social media analytics is certainly vast and has proven to be effective for the companies as well.

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