Do you know about the Evolution of SEO, how it was made popular or how it all started. Search Engine Optimization has been around for the past three decades approximately. In the beginning search engines were at very nascent stages with very basic search capabilities. As time passed the search engines grew more and more sophisticated employing increasingly complex algorithms to search and index pages on the world wide web.

The Search engine arena was further revolutionized when Google came into existence in the very late nineties, with the sole aim and focus of providing the web users with better search experience. Initially the main focus of the webmasters in those days used to be to put as many keywords as possible on their pages, in title, description, content body, footer etc to make the search engines display these pages on top positions in the search results.

For the information of our readers this practice is known as keyword stuffing. Some of the other successful practices in use during those times were targeting the home page only, making link exchanges (irrespective of the fact if the linking sites were from the same niche / domain / functional areas.), using hidden keywords (by making their color same as the back ground), using link farms, creating large number of back links through directories etc But as time passed search engines became smarter.

Specifically Google modified and refined it’s search capabilities in leaps and bounds causing other major players who were already in the process of improvising their services to quickly follow suit in order to keep pace with Google.

With these advancements many of the practices adopted by the webmaster and SEO service providers gradually got obsolete in the sense that search engines woke up to these common practices and classified the use or excessive use of many of these as unnatural or forced promotions that most probably lead to poor user experience.

The most glaring examples of the changes brought in by the search engines are the introduction of Panda and Penguin updates by Google. Panda update was aimed at lowering the rank of low quality websites so that highly quality websites may get batter rankings where as Penguin was aimed at curbing the malpractices related to back linking like generation of large number of back links and usage of link farms.

Both these updates impacted a large number of websites and caused upheavals in rankings across the globe. The search engines have been constantly upgrading themselves, rolling out new algorithm updates at regular intervals and in hundreds, with the sole aim of providing better search experience to the users.

With such advancements in the search engine technology, webmaster as well as SEO service providers have been kept on their toes being forced to constantly keep themselves updated and plan new strategies and find better techniques for optimizing the websites. We hope that coming time we will see many more advancements in the field of search engine technology and believe that SEO will become more advanced, challenging and interesting.