In 2018, we have seen many changes in social media marketing. For instance, Music in Instagram stories, dynamic creatives on facebook, youtube premium, cover photo generator on Pinterest, monetization rules, and more. Be it any change, each of them reveals the shifting of the focus of social media platforms on user engagement rather than business.

Nowadays social media has become an integral part of life that it’s impossible to imagine a day without it. Our morning starts with e-newsletters and subscribed mails and ends with notifications and messages. Almost 2018 comes to an end and now the question is what 2019 has in its treasure house for us? What are the latest social media marketing trends for 2019?

The Rise of Voice Search:

By the year 2020, it is estimated that around 50% of searches on the web will be done using voice search. It has already started to influence the web browsing, however, seems to grow to multiple times in 2019 and further years. As speaking is an easier task than typing and consumes relatively less time so, with the help of voice search, you can get quick and fast solutions to queries. Just like Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri and google assistant, social media gives an access to its users to make audio content for advertising and marketing.

Outshines the TV Ads:

Generally, it is expected that an average person spends 2.6 hours per day on social platforms which is much more than the average on television per day. Moreover, social platforms have extended its reach on both local and international level.

In 2019, it is predicted that it encourages the marketers to shift their focus to social channels rather than televisions for their advertising. It helps to increase brand visibility and drives better volume of traffic.

Video Making:

Video marketing will keep growing in 2019 too like the previous years. However, experts are trying hard to improve the quality of videos and make them more entertaining than before. Visual representations have always taken as one of the effective marketing strategies for driving organic traffic and higher ranks for the brands. Even studies say, around 85% of total internet traffic comes from video marketing. Videos and video ads effectively present the information in a concise and compelling way.

Content is Forever:

Either it’s 2018 or 2019, be it any year, content is forever. Content is always regarded as the king of marketing. However, the king needs to do more homework for impressing the readers on websites. In this niche of the head to head competition, it has become essential to improve the quality of content across different social channels to stand out your brand from the crowd.

In 2019, it is predicted that people pay attention to quality, keywords, blogging, guest postings, infographics and all to get noticed online. Like search engines, writers will also aim at quality rather than quantity and offer the engaging and informative piece of content.

Chatbots Bolster Their Reach:

Wikipedia defines chatbots as the computer program which conducts the conversation via auditory or textual methods. Other names for chatbots are smart bots, talkbot, IM bot, and artificial conversational entity. In 2019, it is expected to bolster the reach of chatbots. It will grow more and become normal in use for consumers. This encourages the marketer to strategies the marketing in 2019, keeping chatbots in mind. It helps the customers to get quick answers for their queries at the right time.

Important Tips For Social Media Optimization

Live Videos:

Live videos keep entertaining the account holders of social media in 2019 as today. Did you remember the day;, when the social platform gifted its users the feature of live videos for the first time? It was an amazing experience for all of us to entertain us with these live videos. Besides entertainment, Live videos play a vital role in brand awareness in the business sector. These help you to connect your live events, presentations, performances with your potential audience. Still, the social platform like Facebook is rumored to make a list of changes in its live video in 2019 for better user experience.

Machine Learning:

Although machine learning is not able to mark its presence on large scale yet we predict to be a big game player in 2019. It is a form of artificial intelligence that automatically perform data analysis. It helps to measure the marketing ROI accurately and gives you opportunities to improve the shortcomings.

Final Thoughts:

We can’t be sure however we predict these social media trends on the basis of the latest demands and gossips of the industry. Remember, 2019, is just two more months away so strategize your new plans for boosting your social media presence. Go through these seven social media trends to better understand the future competitive landscape in social media marketing in 2019.