2019 is about to come. Have you planned your calendar for social media posts yet? If your answer is no, then there is no need to stress as a 2-minute read to this post will definitely make your day.

We understand managing social platforms is not an apple pie. Development and circulation of relevant content topics across different social channels every day sometimes become a headache for managers. It’s a challenging job to maintain the online presence of a brand name in this niche of competition as well as to drive a good volume of traffic and ranks to it.

So remember, if you don’t have a fresh post for every day, then at least prepare the post calendar only for holidays. Holidays are the best days to post and to get a good volume of likes.

As it may possible that your audience is not always interested in your company’s news or your technical posts. So when your posts address them on new year or Christmas Eve, they can relate with them more easily. It creates a sense of connection between readers and the company.  

Moreover, at the time of holidays, people are generally free and spend a major fraction of time on social media.

So if you are doing a job of managing social media marketing, you need to update with all the social media holidays for 2019. Although it’s not necessary that all the holidays have any relevance with your brand or your services. Still, you should try to manage posts for all of them as god knows which opportunity will become a golden chance for you.

In addition to this, if you are social media marketing manager in Archie then missing out lovers day, valentines day, kiss day can be a costly mistake.

Or, if your working area is in hospital, then you need to wish your audience on nurse day, health day, doctors day and many more related to health and care.

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Ranging from health to food or politics to the environment, there are multiple days of celebration, fun or enjoy, so try to make the best out of them. Cater your best content or posts at social platforms that pull the audience towards your brand and increase its value.

To help all of our social media marketers, we have created the ultimate social media calendar for 2019 so that you can prepare the relevant content or post for them in advance. As we have generally found that marketers don’t organize them on time and end up with late postings, which are of no use then. So it is suggested to keep an eye on all trending holidays and plan your posts accordingly for better engagement on different social mediums.