PSD to wordpress conversion is required if you want your wordpress website developed quickly with use of a pre designed psd template. There are however good chances that the templates that you choose to use may be used up by some other websites or business entities. Therefore, you need to customize the theme of your website and create a unique design. For this, you need to create PSD design and then convert it to HTML site. Converting a PSD design to HTML is not that difficult as it seems. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when you convert PSD to WordPress:


1. Analyze the PSD files

The format of the PSD file is to be analyzed by a web programmer to check if it is simple or complex. This is all related to the steps planning, and involves PSD to HTML conversion process, and includes splitting of the layout to HTML, adding the CSS, footer, and header and later addition of images.

2. Break the PSD to HTML

For making the HTML layout easier, you need to break the web developers from all the departments. Apart from this, you also need to break the web coders of body, website name, logo and then the images.

3. Slice the PSD Files

PSD to HTML slicing is one of the important parts of the theme of WordPress or the integration and customization of the template. The files should be sliced open in Photoshop or any other software compatible with images. After the image slicing is done, the web programmer is used to add or remove the buttons, text fields and links. Apart from this, you can also change the color and the background images easily. Later after the PSD file is sliced, it is saved in the format of JPEG, bitmap, GIF, or any other formats that are compatible.

4. Structure of the File

You can create different files with names, HTML code, PHP code, and code CSS style.

5. Testing the Web Pages

Testing the web pages in the browsers is very essential and plays an important in the conversion of PSD to WordPress. The process of PSD to WordPress conversion integration and the configuration finally goes to the last page of the WordPress that is thoroughly tested on various different browsers Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Safari check upon the availability.

Turning your PSD designs into the WordPress can help you in achieving greater benefits. Just make sure that you carry out the conversion process effectively and smoothly. Keeping the above mentioned considerations in mind will help you in being successful in this conversion process. You also need to make sure that you are updated with all the latest developments or updates in the web technology so that you are more successful in your business and projects. Make sure that you incorporate your things to the website to stay ahead amongst other in the competition.