If you are looking to set up your website, the first thing you require is a good domain name. However, choosing a good domain for your business or services is not as easy as it sounds. Apart from the availability of the right domain name that suits you the most, costing is also an issue. Sometimes, the domain name you want is available but due to limited budget you cannot buy it. In such scenarios the best step would be to find a domain which describes your business well and fits within your budget.

However, one should always keep in the mind that the first priority is not the money but having an easy to remember and business related domain name that people can easily search for. There are many free tools available on the web that can make your search easy. With these tools you can create variation, see the suggestions and check the domain name availability:

domainr tool
Domainr:  My first choice among all. It allows to search for domains beyond traditional .coms .net etc. The best feature is that you type what you want and the domain shows all the possible exact keyword domain names that you can purchase.

Name Mesh
Name Mesh:  It uses synonyms and antonyms to generate ideas for a good domain name using over 20 generators.

Domain Typer
Domain Typer:  Domain Typer is a quick and very easy to use domain tool. Domain Typer shows if a domain name is available or not, while also generating suggested domain names.

Domize:  The unique thing about Domize search is that it offers both speed and security to search for your preferred domain names. It also lets the user know if the domain name has been registered or not and whether it is due to expire on the near date so that you can purchase it.

Wordoid:  This domain search tool helps you to find unique words in five different languages and even mix and match languages to create a unique domain name.

Panabee :  Panabee is good not only in searching for domain names, but it also searches for company names, app name or even a personal name. If your preferred one is unavailable, Panabee offers an alternative which closely matches your preferred domain name.

NameStall: NameStall offers a bundle of domain tools that helps to generate domain names from your preferred keywords. The domain name suggestion tool provides domain name suggestion using a combination of two or three words.

Name Tumbler
Name Tumbler: This domain tool provides domain names by combining the preferred keyword with a most suitable keyword from the name tumbler database.

Suggest Name
Suggest Name: It is a domain name search tool that combines the prefix and suffix of your choice to generate a domain name and also lets the user know if it is available for purchase or not.

Lean Domain Search
Lean Domain Search: Best if you are searching for a unique and unorthodox domain name. Apart from this, it also searches for the availability of your preferred domain name.

BustAName:  It uses the keyword combinations to search the best possible domain name for your business. You can find a domain name using three different keywords as a combination. It also has an option to save the domain names for review.

Nameboy:  It is also a good domain name generator and has an extensive database that you can search with up to two words along with hyphens as well.


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