Plagiarism is the biggest devil in content writing. Whenever you use other’s research, ideas, and language without concern, it comes under plagiarism. With the growth of technology, we get access to the bulk of information, and some of us mold it to present it as their own work.

There are many  on the internet to avoid copy-pasting in literary and business sections. Let’s take a quick snapshot of these:


This is one of the free online plagiarism checker tools on the internet, which allows the users to check their content daily. With its simplest and functional layout, it has become a user-friendly tool across the globe. If you sign up there for free, then you can avail around 50 plagiarism scan copies per day. Whereas, it limits the unregistered users for 1 copy only. Either you copy-paste your content or directly upload the files in the given empty space for checking.


Copyleaks is a cloud-based authentication platform, widely used for educational and business purposes. Here you need to register yourself first, then only you can search for plagiarized eLearning content. The best part of using this online checker is accessibility to various file formats, which ultimacontent plagiarism checking toolstely increases its usability on the internet. There are two different pricing plans for business and education use. For business purposes, subscriptions start from $9,99 per month for 25000 word limit per month whereas, for educational work, it costs $10, 99 per month for same word limit.


Plagiarisma is a multi-purpose online plagiarism checking tool. It supports variety of file formats including TXT, HTML, RTF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PDF, ODT, EPUB, FB2, and PDB. it’s easy to use and supports more than 190 languages. This enables it to build a large volume of audience across the globe. It offers quick plagiarism checking services, however, there are limited free plagiarism checks per day. There is a premium membership offer in which 100 searches are available at a rate of $5 per day while $25 or $30 for unlimited plagiarism checks for 3-6 months.


PaperRater is a free online multipurpose tool having a trio of proofreader & grammar check, vocabulary builder and plagiarism checker. Computational expertise and linguists developed it as one-stop solutions for all your literary needs. Currently, it is used in over 140 countries and serving the best output within seconds. Its basic layout is free of cost with a limit of 5 pages whereas it’s premium version costs around $7,95 per month or $95,40 annually.


Plagscan is widely used for checking the online texts against scientific journals and other user’s documents. If you have your file on the desktop, cloud storage area like google drive and dropbox or on the web page, be it any case, it’s easy to upload the files on the Plagscan. Comparatively, this is an advanced plagiarism checker tool on the internet. Pricing plan for private users is around $5,99 for 6 months whereas it costs $19,99 per month for organizations like schools, colleges and more with multiple administration and cloud features.

Wrapping up

In the vast pool of online plagiarism checking tool. Choose your pricing plan wisely. These are user-friendly tools and offer instant results with zero probability of copy-pasting.