SEO is one of the best way to promote your newly started business. While SEO may not yield immediate results the results are big and long lasting. 90% of the online business today focus on SEO to drive traffic to their website. These includes newly started business and startups as well. If you are a startup and want right SEO strategy for your business, you need to follow these SEO rules to ensure that your website is optimized in organic results in the right manner.

5 SEO rules to follow

1. Target The Right Keywords

Ensure that you target the right set of keywords. For this you need to focus deeply on keyword research properly. You cannot target two string keywords initially as competition is quite high with then. A right strategy would be to target long string keywords, try ranking on organic results for them and then try ranking on short tail keywords.

2. Right Website Structure

Having a right website structure is of utmost importance for your SEO campaign. You need to ensure that all the ON Page SEO elements are in proper place from the start. Small factors like proper H1, H2 tags, keyword density, URL structure etc play a vital role in SEO. This will not only save a lot of your efforts but will also help you to focus more on OFF Page activities.

3. Don’t Fall In Link Building Trap

Many people believe that having a high volume of back links will ensure higher organic rankings. This is a total myth. Initially when SEO was in its nascent stage many people manipulated this technique to get their site ranked on top. But as the SEO evolved search engines also ensured that such loopholes are not further manipulated and have implemented strings of SEO guidelines or updates to discourage such shoddy techniques. Now ‘Quality’ of a link matters over ‘Quantity’. You need to ensure that the links are built from same niche and are from high authority websites.

4. Create Good Content

Good content creation in a website is always the game changer. Even if you have highly optimized site or have good back links you will not be able to sustain in the long run if you don’t have good content on your website. Good content will also help you drive more traffic via social media channels. So always ensure that you promote your content well so that it reaches the masses. Everybody loves reading good content. If you are creating good content in your website, soon people will start noticing your brand or website.

5. Make Website Mobile Friendly

Google has clearly stated that mobile websites will have an edge in organic search results. This simply implies that you should have all device friendly, responsive website. Recently google has also changed the mobile search results and website search results. It means that the searches will vary in your desktop and mobile. So having a mobile friendly website is must for your business now. Make it done on top priority.

These simple SEO tips will definitely ensure that you newly started business will do well in the organic search results. Go happy SEO.

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