When we use the term digital marketing, the prime focus shifts to good SERPS rank and higher organic traffic. After a couple of years of the advent of the internet, people love social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more for digital marketing.

However, Email is still leading due to a very high ROI,  ease of doing and minimum efforts. Easy, inexpensive and efficient makes it the greatest investment for business owners for marketing. Apart from referral traffic and good search engine ranking, you can avail a number of benefits with email marketing, these are:

Better Lifespan:

Email is forever. It’s not likely to be going anywhere anytime. This is validated by the wide acceptance of its simple structure in this period of technology. Today’s social network enrings major fraction of internet. Still, email marketing seems to be a better option as a marketing strategy because of its better lifespan. Let’s understand this trait by having an example: your social media posts or PPC ads have lesser lifespan than emails as they are always present in your account until they get deleted by users.

Generate the best ROI:

The proverb ‘Old is Gold’ fits the best in/for Email marketing. On an average, email marketing ROI is 38:1, which is pretty good. It is the best platform where you can generate the user-friendly content at a rate of pennies per message. Based on past purchases, wish list of the recipient, you can easily serve the consumers exactly they want to get their hands on. Just remember, the more the engaging content, the more the return on investments.

Easy to Approach:

Studies say more than 50% of the earth’s population has their email account. This means that email marketing has the largest reach in comparison to several social media. Moreover, the fraction of the human population who are still keeping them away from social media trust email accounts for communication. So if you are a business owner or marketing manager, then you need to keep a pulse on email marketing. It’s the fastest and most easy to approach means of communication with your potential customers.

Boost up Human Engagement:

Email marketing is an easy and direct way to reach your customers. When you post your content on open and public platforms like Facebook, twitter large majority of users hesitate to comment and tag your business. Whereas, if you are serving a genuine and quality mail to recipients, then definitely it comes to notice. This one-on-one communication between a sender and recipient makes it a  perfect choice for marketing strategies.

Flexible with other Marketing Tactics:

When it comes to email marketing, its versatility never leaves a chance to attract the business owners. This cheap and best marketing strategy gets easily integrated with other marketing tactics. It’s easy to run your social media accounts with email marketing parallelly for better growth graph. Either you put your email-sign ups in your social media post or insert your social media buttons during email marketing, both are advantageous to business’ marketing.


Email marketing is a vital tool when you need an effective communication with your clientele. It’s a cheap source with the best payouts to promote your brand in an efficient manner.