Google defines featured snippet block as “when a user asks a question in Google Search, we might show a search result in a special featured snippet block at the top of the search results page. This featured snippet block includes a summary of the answer, extracted from a webpage, plus a link to the page, the page title, and URL.”

With the implementations of new features like ‘talk to google’ or ‘google voice search’ in google assistant, the featured snippets have grown over the years in Google search results. Now, let’s cut the theory part and discuss some real surveys and figures for better understanding. According to a recent study done on 1.4 million queries in the google search, it is observed that about 30% of them showed featured snippets. The featured snippets were found to be almost similar to other regular snippets associated with search results. There are three featured snippets including paragraph, list, and table.  In the paragraph, the answer is given in the text, while in list and table, the answers are given in list and table respectively.

Now the question arises how one gets a chance for gaining the featured snippets for its webpage. Below are the key points that need to remember, if you want your page gets promoted a featured snippet in the google search:

Research for good keywords:

Keeping your targeted audience and your market area in mind, perform a research for the good keywords. The best way to find appropriate keywords is starting your search with question type search queries having initials like why, what, and how and avoid the use of question words in long tail-queries keywords. Even you can access serpstat tool, in order to explore your competitor’s best performing queries, strength, and weak points before strategizing your plans.

Identify simple and basic questions related to your niche:

Don’t forget to browse the “people also ask section” before strategizing your content. It gives you an idea about the latest queries and demands related to your products in the market. And, once you started your search, more and more questions will be available on your search box for better understanding. Based on the research on the questions, you easily focus on your keywords..

Answerable in a single paragraph:

Just after the heading tag, put your answer in a single paragraph. Although the ideal length of the answer should be in the range of 54 to 58 words, however, it can be extended when the answers are more complicated. The main focus should be on serving the answers that are easy to understand instead of length. So, it is suggested to use simpler and short sentences in a paragraph.

How To Optimize Your Content For Google’s Featured Snippet Box

Wrapping up:

It takes a lot of time and dedication before getting the desired results. These featured snippets improve your ranking and derive organic traffic to websites so keep updating the content with correct and market-focussed keywords. If you are interested in having your web page in Google featured snippet contact us today.