With Google’s recent announcement of the August 1 core update, many SEO professionals were left a bit confused about exactly what changed (besides their rankings).

If you missed the announcement, here’s Google’s official acknowledgement of the update:

Of course, many SEO pros weren’t happy with this explanation.
Here’s one example:

So, What Exactly Is a Core Update?

First, let me get the obligatory “Google makes hundreds of algorithm changes per year, often more than one per day” boilerplate out of the way.

Many of the named algorithms we hear about (Penguin, Panda, Pigeon, Fred, etc.) are implemented to address specific faults or issues in Google’s algorithms.

In the case of Penguin, it was link spam; in the case of Pigeon it was local SEO spam.

They all had a specific purpose.

In these cases, Google (sometimes reluctantly) informed us what they were trying to accomplish or prevent with the algorithm update, and we were able to go back and remedy our sites. Read More….