Content is omnipresent. Social web circles and web portals both have content as their foundation. Without it, they are nothing. If you still unaware of the power of content for online businesses then this post is for you as it helps you to understand the different roles of content in lives of Google, audience and digital marketing.

Content for Google:

Google coined content as the king of marketing. It wants sites with fresh and reliable content for its users. For Google, quality content means well-researched, relevant, valuable, consistent, industry-focused content that clearly serves its purpose.

According to Google guidelines, content plays a vital role in ranking of websites as it believes if the existing content is not providing any value to readers, then what’s the point to keep it in the list.

Content for the Audience:

Needless to say, the sheer volume of content at the fingertips of the audience helps them make good decisions. Studies say 70% of consumers prefer to learn about brands through articles or blogs instead of advertising. Based on the availability of content on websites, consumers build up their trust in companies and make purchases.

When websites provide complete information about their business profiles, history, brand associations, description about products and services in the form of blogs, articles kiwigambling, PR and more, it helps new customers to match their needs with available services easily.

Content for Digital Marketing:

In a survey, content marketing reaches the top slot with 29.6% votes among different marketing strategies. Well-crafted content is a versatile marketing medium that ensures a countless list of benefits to an organization. Some of them are listed below:

Content tone up Link Building:

Besides earning a handful of people responses, content tone up link building too. A high-quality content in the form of guest blogs, case studies, press release and more helps the sites to get links from other sources. These inbound links are incredibly important for SEO ranking. As a matter of fact, the more the layers of inbound links, the higher the position in search engines.

Content targets niche sectors of Social Media:

Social media is one of the most influential platforms where it’s easy to play ‘give and take’ game with customers. Content targets the niches of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram etc. It’s easy to share content on such social platforms in the form of links or entire blogs. In return, the likes, shares, and comments help you to get instant customers’ feedback.

Content highlights your Better Side:

When you post any content on your websites or social media accounts, it helps the customers to know who are you and what makes you stand out from the crowd. Content gives you an opportunity to show your customers that you are the real player in your industry. You understand their demands, choices and all the latest trends in your industry. In short, you can demonstrate your expertise in the market.

Wrapping up:

Content is universal and plays an important part in every digital marketing strategy for online businesses. In the niche of digital competition, the best of the best content is an utmost requirement to stand out from the crowd.