The Domain Authority is the number or score developed by moz for indicating the authority of your website in Search Engine. This number totally affects the ranking and traffic of your website. Your website will rank higher in the search engine, when this number is greater. The domain number lies in between the 0 to 100. So, on the basis of domain authority you can predict how well your website lies in the Search engine. It is calculated on the basis of several algorithms that can affect the ranking of your website.

The domain authority and website ranking are 2 different things. Your website loses all of its ranking, if it is penalised by the Google but the domain authority remain same. The ranking of the website is calculated on the basis of hundreds of factor but the domain authority depends only on 40 factors. Domain authority is different from the website ranking as it is very difficult to change the domain authority of a website. It is very easy, if you change DA from 10 to 20 but as you go up i.e. from 60 to 70 it become very difficult.

It is very important to increase the domain authority of your website. Your website will rank higher in the search engine if the domain authority is more. So, DA is very important for the website.

Domain authority is calculated on the basis of 40 different factors. This can be calculated on the basis of some of these points:

– Links or website pointing to your website
– Incoming link quality
– Website’s content quality
– Popularity of website on the social media
– SEO of the website

For calculating the DA, you have to type your domain name in the moz open site explorer. It will show your website’s domain score out of 100.

Ways to improve Domain Authority

There are many ways to improve the domain authority of your website. The first thing is to focus on the gaining the good links and go away from the bad links. You should delete all the bad links of your website as it will down your DA and page rank to your website. If you only link your website with the good links then your website will move up and get high DA. There are many other things as well which can improve or increase the DA of your page. So let’s have a look at some of these

Improve the Offpage SEO of your website: Make the profile of your website strong and clean this helps in gaining high DA score. This can be done by

Gaining the incoming links only from the higher websites

Only linked your website to similar other websites.

Delete all the bad or low quality links

Your website should be connected to the same or higher number of other websites

On page Optimization: It is also very important to optimize the on page factors including

  • Optimize the Meta title and Meta description
  • Write unique, fresh content and update it regularly
  • Use Heading tags properly
  • The structure of the URL should be SEO optimized
  • Keywords should be used naturally in the content
  • Use internal links in the content and others

All these steps of on page help to increase the domain authority of your website

Complete your website’s SEO: It is also one of the factors for increasing the domain authority of your website. For this you have to do the following things

  • Add XML sitemap to your site and submit it to the Google
  • Check the crawling of your website by adding the robot.txt file to the webmaster and use fetch as Google.
  • migrate your website to https from http
  • Add and registered your website to Google search console

Mobile Friendly Website

Your website should be mobile friendly. This is because the search engine gives preference to the mobile-friendly websites. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website than it will give a negative impact on the DA of your website.

Website Page Loading Speed

The loading speed of the website also affects a lot to the DA of your website. A fast loading website can load at a fast speed. So, it has higher traffic as compared to slow loading website. This makes more sales.

Social Presence

Your website should be present in the social media. For this, your website will get more likes, tweets, and share which increase the DA of your website.


Domain Authority is a number that shows how important or strong are your domain. When it is high, it means that your website is on the right path. So, it is better to improve the DA of your website.