WordPress is today one of the most widely used blogging platform and CMS. According to a rough estimate around 48% of the websites today run on the WordPress platform. There are many reasons for its huge popularity:

1.  Easy few click setup: Word press offers a very easy installation method with installation completed in a few clicks within 5-10 minutes. Any person with a basic familiarity with using text editors, databases and domain management can easily setup a WordPress install on a Linux based hosting with a MySQL database. The technical requirements or tools required to install a WordPress Website setup are web server, FTP client, text editor and a web browser with internet connectivity. Word press has the famous five minute installation procedure where the WordPress setup is to be downloaded from the wordpress website, uploaded to the production server, the database and the associated user created with all the privileges assigned to the user for the particular database.The WP-config file updated with the host name, database name , username and password and then the site is opened in the browser and wordpress setup is finally completed by entering a site title and admin password two times. That is it. The core wordpress setup is ready for use and now it can be worked upon by adding themes, Plugins ad custom coding as required.

2.  Highly search engine friendly: Word press even in its basic setup comes bundled with functions and features that make it very SEO friendly. Some of the inherent search engine friendly features that wordpress comes with are:

  • The ability to use .htaccess to create static Urls called permalinks that contains rich keywords related to the post or the page.
  • Blog rolling which is basically a list to various different blog or news sites.
  • Pinging that notifies designated search engines or websites of the site’s, post’s or the page’s existence so that they may be acknowledged by these external services.
  • Plugins like SEO by Yoast provide many enhanced features for every blog and page on the website and allow the administrator to define the description, keywords, tags and other metadata for each.
  • Tags allow wordpress posts and pages to be searched by various keywords with which these have been tagged.
  • Sine wordpress is a blogging platform, it is relatively quickly cached by the search engines.
  • The Feeds are automatically generated by wordpress website.

3.  Large number of free and paid Plugins and themes available: Word press has a large number of free and paid Plugins and themes available online that enhance the basic wordpress functionality in amazing new ways and turn the setup in a host of different types of services including but not limited to eCommerce, learning management, reservation system and many more.

4.  Huge developer community support: WordPress has been here for some time and has been taken on hands of people and has a large developer community that provide support and guidance actively.

5.  Short learning curve with the intuitive backend interface: The wordpress backend is so intuitive that even a person using it for the fist time easily gets the know how of using the dashboard in a very short time, all thanks to the consideration that has been put in while creating the back end.

6.  Word press Codex: This is an extensive knowledge base of not only general information about wordpress but also contains detailed information on each and every code segment, hook and function along with examples that use wordpress. It also clearly identifies the makeup and structure of the wordpress machinery.

With so many advantages on its side, wordpress has no doubt become the CMS of choice for many and is only gaining more and more in popularity.