WordPress is a highly effective blogging platform. However, most of the bloggers don’t use the potential of WordPress at its fullest. Performance is the most important factor of any website or blog. If you are a wordpress development company or own a wordpress website, follow these tips to optimize your website for speed and performance.

Given below are some tricks that will make your WordPress Speed to blog work even better.

1. Updating is the Name of the Game

The key to the success of a blog’s performance is having the latest version. It is required that you update to the current version. Upgrading secures the blog from malicious attacks and enhances the performance.

2. Keep Theme Simple

For a better performance and faster download, you need to keep the theme simple. Always remember that a simple theme works better. Find a theme that is coded well.

3. Remove Unwanted Plugin’s

Plugins are important. Of course, you need to put them on your website. However, you need to find whether the plugins are relevant to the website. If yes, make sure to keep them. Or else, remove them to upgrade the performance and the speed.

4. Crop Images

Images take a lot of space. Whenever you are uploading an image to your website, make sure to crop it to a smaller size. Or, else the image will slow your website down.

5. Clean the Theme

WordPress does a few things in general for the websites. Querying the MYSQL database is the main thing which makes a website slow. If you clear the theme regularly, you will be able to acquire a website that works faster.

6. Split Posts

Don’t upload longer posts. Make sure to cut short the long posts into several parts. This will allow the pages to load faster.

7. Choice of Web Host

This looks like a very obvious one, but having a good quality web host, which is reliable and strong is a must. Some people compromise and try to save money on this which later spoils the quality.

8. Manage Main Page Content

The more posts on the main page, the more time it will take to load. No one wants huge time for a page to load. This is why use Excerpt function for reducing the time for a page to load.

9. Reduce External Websites and Scripts Usage

Relying on external scripts should be avoided. This can often be a reason for the performance to go really slow.

10. Exploit Alerts!

Look for codes that are malicious. They cripple the website performance in the worst possible ways. Notice a sudden slow movement on the website is a sign to check for these codes.

11. Kick away the Buffer

Usage of PHP flush function will improve the WordPress speed of your WordPress slightly.

12. Revision Feature Disables

In WordPress, old versions, revisions are never deleted causing it to have the full history of changes in it. This then causes size increase, which will then slow the whole WordPress.

13. Trash Feature

A trash feature is like a recycle bin which has to be cleaned regularly. If not, the bloated size will be the cause of slow loading rate.

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Tips for Optimizing WordPress For Speed

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