Link Reclamation is to find the lost link and fixing the broken part of it or replacing links that are not providing value as they could have been. It is a term coined by Eric Ward in 2004. These include the internal links or links on your site or external links that other people are using on their sites.

With link reclamation, you not only have full advantage of links that already exist but also avoid building new links. In fact, you can start with your own internal linking when reclaiming link as you have direct control over these links.

It is very difficult to find and fix broken backlinks as compared to fixing internal ones. The main reason is that such links are beyond your control. Also, depending on the number of pages and links you have, you need to know advanced Excel functions.

There are a lot of ways in which a link can lose its value. The most common reasons among those are:

• Unlinked mentions
• Site canonization issues
• Broken links
• Leaky internal links

To make this concept easier, here we list few potential link reclamation opportunities.

Broken or Lost Links

As already discussed, this is the most common link reclamation type, and a great opportunity to add to your SEO work in order to maintain your backlink profile.

Coined Terms

We have also discussed the coined terms. These are the terms which people generally used but don’t even know where it originated. In coined term reclamation, the mentions of the coined term are tracked and a request is then added to add the original link to it.

White Papers and Case Studies

This is also a common form of link reclamation. In this, authors or publishers sometimes, do a research study, prepares a white paper or a case study and forget to add the original link to it.


If you have an e-course published online then it is a sure thing that your students will download that particular course and use it for themselves.


As in the e-course, in the e-books, readers download the e-books, later on, to read it online. It may happen that there exists a unique information in your e-book that’s mentioned on sites that didn’t link to your site.

Link building is one of the key stages of SEO. The restoration of link value here is a combination of problem solving and restructuring. Link building is a relatively challenging task but the issues with a link always have a solution. Moreover, SEO specialists have their expertise in the link building and link reclamation.

Link reclamation is normally used by the companies who have established themselves as a brand in their domain through techniques such as word of mouth marketing, content development, press publication and other branding initiatives.

The link building techniques are actually useful for the authoritative brands only. Authoritative brands are the brands who have established themselves in the industry. For newly-established companies, this technique should not be the initial link building tactic unless they have content assets readily available on their sites.