If you are starting up an online business, SEO has a key role to play in it. The right website can play an important role in helping you target the right customers. If you want your business to reach out to the masses, you should work towards optimizing your SEO the right way.

To appear in the first SERP, it is necessary that you optimize SEO properly. Higher SERP will eventually contribute towards increasing the visibility of your page. Most of the businesses these days are obsessed with SEO, and mostly because it can change the visitors to customers. If you are working towards improving the SEO, you should ensure that you increase the existence of your Ecommerce platform.

Some of the prominent tips to enhance the ranking of your Ecommerce SEO include the following

Provide product description 

The lack of product description of your products can eventually harm the website. Not only will it reduce the SEO ranking, but will also prevent you from ranking in the higher result pages. As a result, you should work towards providing high-quality captions. However, make sure that you aren’t copying it from someone else’s store but are putting up unique descriptions. You should be clear about what experience tge customer would get from the product.

Put right keywords

Apart from the description of the product, the keywords matters a lot. It is extremely necessary that you put up the right keywords for your Ecommerce platform. Instead of being restless, you should work towards finding the right keywords. Long tail keywords can play an important role in helping you rank higher, based on specific niches. These keywords will eventually help you attract your target audience. You should check for all the user queries, so that you can work effectively. Based on the user, you should search for queries accordingly.

Natural links

If you are looking forward to implement SEO for your business, you may not mind having another website link. Not many people understand but this can be harmful for your website. Google experts suggest not to purchase links as it can be harmful for your website. This is usually because buying links will lead to you being banned. You should either get backlinks or create natural links. The unique links can help you create a buzzworthy content.

Prevent duplicate content

You may feel that no one would notice your duplicate content but then Google has a track of all of it. This will eventually lead to your website being banned. eCommerce websites usually deal with duplicate content because of the product description. You should filter the contents and categories regularly to prevent the risk of being conned. Duplicate links can lead to URLs which will eventually be risky for your website.

Check your target market

You should always be publishing content based on your target market. As a result, you should be careful with your content. To know your target market, you should be aware of the age, interests, occupation and more. This will eventually help you create tailored content that can help you understand the needs. Tailored contents are the one which will be shared by your audience. More social shares can increase the chances of your website ranking high.

Optimize URL for better search engine crawls

Every URL is necessary for your website. You should therefore optimize the URL properly. This will eventually make the bots find your website and crawl in it. The properly optimized for URL will eventually contribute towards increase the website indexation. URL informs the customers what your page is and will help to enhance the experience. A good user experience will make your customers last on your page for a longer time. This will eventually help your visitors become customers.

Enhance mobile-friendliness

Mobile shopping has become a prominent attraction in today’s time. Many people purchase through online shopping apps. Therefore, it is necessary for your website to have a mobile- friendly version. Most of the people shop through their phones and hence a mobile-friendly website can be great. Most of the websites suffer from the problem of duplicate content due to mobile-versions. Therefore, you should work towards optimising accordingly.

Internal linking

Internal linking is necessary for every ecommerce website. Internal linking can act as an efficient anchor text, which will further be helpful for boosting up your ranking. With the help of navigation bar, the search engine would check for all the related posts and all the necessary features for your customers. Nonetheless, if you are developing internal linking you should be careful about it. If you use a lot of internal linking, Google would ban you.


If you want your website to be popular among the users, you should work towards providing proper user experience. Usability experience matters a lot when it is about the visitors. As an e-commerce platform, you should work towards providing the right user experience. This will ensure that the customers keep coming back to your site. Better user experience would ensure fun, and ease the entire process for customers. Therefore, they wouldn’t need to spend a lot of time. If your website is functioning seamlessly, customers will have a better navigation experience.

Competitor research

Before diving into the ecommerce platform you should know who your customers are. After your keyword and audience research, make sure that you carry out a thorough research about your competitors. Knowing your competitors can be a great boost to your business. When you are researching about the competitor, you should check for their domain authority, how they get backlinks, the structure of their site and more. This will eventually contribute towards helping you analyse how you can differentiate your website from theirs and get traffic.

There are various reasons which will force you to optimise your ecommerce platform. Nonetheless, make sure that you are careful with it, for one small mistake can lead to your website being penalized. Optimising SEO in your business website will require you to be dedicated to it. Although it takes time but the effort is totall