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Joomla is popular open source contentn management system. It is known to be one of the best and most widely used CMS on the internet with excellent supervising and handling the content of your website.

Joomla is PHP/MySQL based and the most SEO friendly CMS platform. It provides solid page caching, RSS feeds, blogs, surveys, search, language interpretation etc.

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Custom Joomla Web Design & Development Services

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Joomla Website Development FAQ’s

Joomla (Swahili for “All together”) is an open-source platform that allows developers to easily build dynamic, responsive websites and web applications. The Joomla platform is free of cost, making it an affordable option compared to most web development software. It is also a popular content management system (CMS), or software that allows developers to create and manage their digital content through various tools and programs. Different users can utilize Joomla, from freelancers and small businesses to large corporate companies. Created in 2005 by Open Source Matters Inc., today a large community of Joomla volunteers contributes to improving the software for all Joomla users today.

Joomla uses various programming languages to operate as the highly functional CMS that it is today. It is written with PHP (Hypertext Processor), a scripting language that is commonly used for web development. Joomla also uses object-oriented programming methods and other software design patterns to manage and manipulate data. As a CMS, in order to store the large amounts of digital content collected through websites, it uses MySQL, MS SQL, or PostgreSQL (depending on version).
It is difficult to compare the speed of loading a Joomla versus a WordPress website. Site speed does not necessarily depend on which CMS you are using because frankly, both are extremely popular options that have proven to have excellent site performance. Instead, the latency rate for a user on your website would depend on the number of plug-ins you want, the type of animation or other visual design you have, or other functions that are running in the background. Rather than measuring the speeds of Joomla and WordPress, there are a handful of other differentiating factors such as usability, SEO, and overall costs.

One notable plus side of using Joomla is that installation itself is absolutely free of cost (no base cost!). However, managing a Joomla website will inevitably come with a cost. For one, similar to other CMS platforms like WordPress, it requires an external host server in order to actually publish your website. There are also plenty of Joomla templates that will cost money to install onto your website, although there are of course free alternatives. Many of Joomla’s plug-ins or extensions in the official Joomla Directory do require an additional fee. According to online cost calculators for the average Joomla websites, building and maintaining a professional Joomla website can costs as low as $500 or even be as high as $7000.

While are both popular CMS platforms, WordPress and Joomla have some distinctions that users should be mindful of. For SEO (search engine optimization), WordPress’ Yoast plug-in is much more powerful than Joomla’s EFSEO plug-in. Joomla is viewed as a better CMS for security purposes because there are more WordPress websites than Joomla websites available that can be targeted. On the other hand, there is a greater selection of WordPress themes and plug-ins available than for Joomla websites. This means there are more options for customizing your site with responsive themes that usually offer customer support. However, in respect to the types of sites that users can build, both are highly capable CMS platforms although users tend to associate Joomla with more complex sites and web apps.

In conclusion, while both CMS platforms are very popular, there are slight distinguishing features that can determine which would support your website. While one CMS is not objectively better than the other, it is true that WordPress is the more popular option among users, particularly amateur developers.

Like the name suggests, Joomla extensions are an “extension” of the original Joomla software. In other words, they add different levels of functionality to your website. According to the official Joomla documentation site, the five different types of extensions include components, modules, plug-ins, templates, and languages. Components are Joomla’s primary units of function; in a component, there is the site part (front-end) and the administrator’s part (back-end). Modules are blocks of code or sections on your website that are used for page rendering. Plug-ins are essentially additional functions that users can interact with on your website to trigger different events. Templates are pre-designed layouts that you can use to format the content of your site. Lastly, languages are the various languages that your website can be viewed in.

While there are other CMS platforms like WordPress that are arguably more user-intuitive, Joomla is not necessarily impossible to master. For one, Joomla has a very straightforward installation process (see How do I download Joomla?). Plus, there are thousands of extensions that you can download so that your website can practically maintain some back-end processes on its own. Joomla’s control and settings panel are very straightforward and it is easy to navigate through them. In addition, because recent Joomla versions include more friendly UX features, it is easier for non-developers to get accustomed to using Joomla.

To run Joomla on XAMPP, first you must download XAMPP onto your computer. Installing XAMPP varies depending on which device you have (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) so ensure that you follow the correct procedure.

Once you have successfully installed XAMPP, you can begin with the Joomla installation. First, go to Joomla’s official download website to install the software. Inside the XAMPP folder on your computer, there should be a folder called “htdocs”; create a new folder inside “htdocs” to hold your Joomla web content. Extract the Joomla installation and place into this new folder. Lastly, proceed with the regular configuration process by going to “http://localhost/folderName” in your web browser.

Remember to always backup your website before attempting to back it up, especially through a manual procedure. Even though it is recommended to update your Joomla software with the Joomla Update component, you may need to manually update your software. To do this, begin by installing the update package from Joomla’s official site and extracting the files. Next, upload these folders and files either at your website’s root or where your installation is located on your computer using a preferred FTP software. Open your FTP client and upload the new files. In the Joomla admin window, go to the Database panel and Fix your database. Your website should now be successfully updated.

There are many excellent features that make Joomla a great CMS option for building your online platform. For one, Joomla can support anything from a simple personal blog to an interactive e-commerce website. You do not need extensive programming background in order to start up a website. On the other hand, with its PHP framework, developers with complex ideas can create multi-level web applications. So Joomla is a great sandbox that provides the best of both worlds.

Joomla websites come with great SEO and built-in security to increase traffic to your website without making it vulnerable to malicious attackers like many WordPress sites. In addition, Joomla offers seventy different language translations so that your website can appeal to a diverse, even international audience. To upgrade your website, there are thousands of extensions with documentation to fulfill the potential of your Joomla platform.



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